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  1. It's like losing weight. It is "impossible" until you actually start seeing results.
  2. Yes. Hence surgery. I am sharing a non-surgical and non-invasive alternative. Which has worked wonders for me and many others. Over a period of years. Or.....you can have them surgically addressed. ? Nothing wrong with that More expensive Scarless healing rarely takes place....not in a convenient time frame....and not to your full liking..... It is a flawed idea. And this thread is meant to be a positive/constructive means to help others dealing with scarring yes? Even surg
  3. Acne scars. The pictures you posted in regards to those two with birth defects are dealing with an ailment that is above and beyond any current knowledge in regards to a potential healing approach. I wish them well. They will need plastic surgery. Their condition is severe. Deformation. of the face. And skin. But......they can still use sulfur and vitamins to help heal and prevent scarring after the surgery.
  4. Doubt they did anything wrong. Very severe conditions. That is not acne. Thank God....that we who have suffered.....have not suffered as these people ..... who you have just posted..... have suffered. May God grant a cure to such an illness
  5. Acceptance. The potion of .....acceptance. And if that is not good enough.....for her....or you.....good MSM. Vitamin C. Liposomal if you can get your hands on it. Whey protein. Organic whey protein. Vitamin D. Zinc. Celery stalks for anti oxidants. Raw carrot juice. Daily. Coffee enemas. Yes. Putting coffee inside your child's bowels. Helps to detox the liver. and detox the entire body. Tip of the iceberg......btw. I can go on.....and I will
  6. There are no upcoming and potential scar treatments. Biology is set in it's ways. The best potential and upcoming relief for scar tissue.....are the suggestions I have shared with you. I will not start a new topic. This is the topic that needs work. And I am here to work on it
  7. MSM. Is a readily absorbed form of sulfur that can be used in the treatment of scar tissue. It has been shown to aid in connective tissues in the body....even helping with issues in your joints....It aids the skin in the re-structuring process as well as the prevention of new scarring. It is also MY belief that after lots and lots and lots and lots and lots.........(and lots) of research....that a severe lack of available sulfur in our diet can lead to an increase in scar tissue formation. A
  8. Some might argue that this thread has just begun to go uphill. There are always surgical procedures to deal with scarring. Few can afford that I'm afraid. So you are left with VERY few options. When dealing with scars. From all the reading I have done in this thread.....there are very few....if any really.....suggestions that hold any weight, aside from surgery. So I offered a natural approach. Take it or leave it. Not my choice
  9. I have.....been trying to....scam you. Am I understanding this correctly? What product am i selling? Don't use sulfur to help with scar healing if your are not comfortable with the idea. In small quantities it can be very effective but if the idea is too scary to anyone....it's pretty simple: Don't use it and keep doing what you're doing. I offered a suggestion from personal experience as well as outside experience.. It works. Takes time. And is not an overnight solution. And it is a
  10. You do not have to put sulfur directly on your face. When ingested it can and will help with scars. It has helped me. And countless others. Never said you only need to apply directly to skin. And it is not the single answer. Hormones....vitamins.....anti-oxidants.....all play a roll in this affliction.... but none of these are the direct cause of acne. It is a combination of unknown. No single acne case can be cured by reading a post on this site. It takes years of research and de
  11. Sulfur removes the top layer of skin by drying it out and allowing it to easily peel off. This helps slough away a layer of dead skin, keeping pores unblocked and allowing fresh new layers of skin to grow in its place. Sulfur also has antibacterial properties, which help to combat the presence of any lingering bacteria on the skin that may cause infections under the skin’s surface. It is not the single answer to perfect skin. It is however......a natural inhibitor to acne. Alongside vitamin
  12. Don't know what else to say. Vitamin D.....Zinc......Vitamin A.......Vitamin C......Zinc........Fiber.....Alkaline water.......Whey Protien.....Carbs.....from rice.....brown rice........multi vitamin.... fasting.......eating one meal a day......
  13. proselytism....I don't know what that word means. I will google it. What "breakthrough" are you waiting for? A miracle pill? ....?
  14. I will find a suitable audience right here. In the section of scar healing. Thank you. And i hope you understand. - goose And if you don't understand? I really do not care. That is your choice my friend.