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  1. onefatalgoose

    Collection of advice from 16 years

    Liposomal Vitamin C. Don't want to have an IV stuck in your arm injecting vitamin C? For cancer patients and acne sufferers. My response would be no. I have donated enough plasma to fill a house. Needles suck. So if there was an option to get the benefits of intravenous Vitamin C without needles and injections would you take it? I would. And I do. It's called Liposomal Vitamin C. Go to your natural/organic health markets and look for this. And purchase. THE BEST form of vitamin C
  2. onefatalgoose

    Collection of advice from 16 years

    Message members for God's sake! Stop getting stuck in your own head and open up. This is a COMMUNITY. Ignore the self important douches. And listen to those who have suffered and come out on top. Ignore the negative nancy's. And to you negative nancy's .......don't offer solutions unless they are tried and true. If you are negative on this site I completely respect that. Acne sucks hard core. It is a negative aspect of life. But do not get in the way of users looking to find a
  3. Hang in there fellow sufferers.  Your solution is waiting for you.   Leave fear of judgement out of the picture.   Deal with yourself on your own terms.   People who don't deal with acne don't understand it.  Don't let that bother you.  Focus on you.  Focus on God and his ability yo show you the right direction.   I am not religious but i do believe in a God that can and will help all who suffer

    1. onefatalgoose

      Collection of advice from 16 years

      I think about you....all the time......24/7-365......so beat it. Don't give up and beat it. Have patience. It will happen.
    2. onefatalgoose

      Collection of advice from 16 years

      This should not be your mindset regarding acne. But it is. For most who suffer with it. You think about it 24/7 365 days a year. Seriously....but this last post may be removed for whatever reason. Just thought it was a fitting song to those of us who have suffered with acne. I hope the moderators will let this be. It's a sad reality of acne sufferers. We DON"T want this to be the thing that's on our mind 24/7 365. Yes? Yes
    3. onefatalgoose

      Collection of advice from 16 years

      This whole discussion of whether acne is topical or internal is gross. It's both. Understand this. And pursue the proper avenues to beat it at both sides. You are your own mystery box. Solve it. I was lucky enough to solve mine. You will solve yours if you do not give in to despair/doubt/fear.
    4. Some preaching. No big motivational speeches. And what i have observed and experimented with personally over the sixteen years that have passed since i first got acne. #1- Stop worrying about how to make your acne appear smaller or less noticeable. Including scars. Stop worrying about how to deal with whiteheads. #2- Start worrying about how to make your acne smaller of less noticeable. Including scars. Stop worrying about how to deal with whiteheads. #3- Start making die
    5. onefatalgoose

      My expericence with "cosmetics"

      https://www.acne.org/profile/54738-alternativista/ She is a great resource. If not the best. I would argue.....the best. Browse her posts. I have learned much from her. She is passionate about acne and anything we can do to better ourselves nutritionally.
    6. I am one of the lucky few who have been released from the chains of acne. Be it by my hygienic choices or nutritional choices.....or DNA/RNA I am one of the lucky few. Most who suffer with acne suffer much longer than they deserve to. While there may not be a universal cure for acne.....be not concerned. There is no universal cure for cancer and yet....there are countless human beings who are stopping it in it's tracks and even reversing it via natural methods. Without the use of Chemo Th
    7. onefatalgoose

      I have been clear since 2011

      To quote Vanilla Sky (the movie....with Tom Cruise yes....) Open your eyes.... Open your eyes to new possibilities. Possibilities that are not recommended by your dermatologist.....or doctor....or Pro active commercials that tell you acne can be conquered by using a 3 step program. Simply wash your face.....use our toner.....and then apply our cream....and your acne will go away, as seen in our made up models that likely have never dealt with acne. You do realize that don't you? That the
    8. onefatalgoose

      I have been clear since 2011

      The diet question is one that will spark much debate. If you have been around this site long enough you will know that diet is something of a huge discussion. Gluten free.....dairy free......Glycemic index...... What i have done is......eliminate ALL topicals. I used to rely on Benzoyl Peroxide like none other. I started with a 5% solution. Saw some results.....then moved on to a 10% solution. Cream. Saw some improvements honestly. After a year of using this strong solution...
    9. onefatalgoose

      I have been clear since 2011

      I am encouraging members of this site to open their minds..... Open up your mind to the possibility that you have not exhausted every possible avenue..... I was ready to give up....oh my good lord i was..... After trying the next great thing.....and failing..... I wanted to die..... Thankfully......i didn't. And i ended up figuring out what i needed to do. I can only hope everyone else on this site has the same experience. Again....if you have questions on how i have done
    10. onefatalgoose

      I have been clear since 2011

      "Or you probably just grew out from acne" Or.....it is possible....that.... i worked my ass off researching how to beat this thing.....and used all available information at my disposable to my advantage.....and went through much trial and error.....ups and downs.....successes and failures...... That's another possibility.
    11. onefatalgoose

      I have been clear since 2011

      Duperele Dear Lord I hope so. That is what we all hope for. Yes? It is possible i just grew out of it. Some of us do. For those of us that don't....it takes a bit of trial and error. Are you still dealing with it? I have to say this.....there are thirty....forty......fifty year olds still dealing with acne..... To simply grow out of acne is a dream come true. And i hope that happens to everyone on this site. Because it's so simple and just requires one ingredient
    12. Hello Acne.org and hello fellow acne sufferers! I haven't been on this site in years. But....... The 100% cure for acne is....well....a mystery. I'm sorry to say that. It is. I have however....found my OWN personal....that's right, PERSONAL remedy for this self-esteem killing ailment. Unfortunately we are not all carbon copies of one another. That would make things much easier. So Here is what i do: Very abbreviated cause this could be ten pages What i do.....is not scient