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  1. Hey guys So im 18 and i have NEVER had acne and all of the sudden its like BAM! dermatologist says its normal but im not used to it so im really having a hard time with going out and public and such. Its been about 4 months now and iv tried numerous things. I am right now trying the Max Clarity system. iv been on it about two weeks and im having a hard time consistantly staying with it because not only do i have acne but i also suffer from servere dry skin! (making treating the ane wayyy more d
  2. im having a lot of trouble with pesky acne right now and im trying to clear it up so my dermatologist prescribed retinol serum its the 3x because i have SERIOUSLY sensitive dry skin. iv been using it for about 2 weeks now and i havnt seen much of anything. im wondering if anyone else has used this and if it worked and how long it takes. im desperate right now ='[ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I just love being aloooooonnnneeeeeeee and of course because i am stupid and shallow and dont feel like facing the world tonight i decided to stay in and i figured WHAT THE HEY! i im all broken out i might as well be fat too right!!! so i decided to make a strawberry cake of course im split out of eggs so im sitting here waiting for someone to bring me some eggs and just eatin some batter whats good!
  4. OH MY GOSH you sounds just like me. Its funny someone said something about blaming god. I am very religious and when i get like this i just stop caring about everything. Im very involved with my youth group but when i break out this bad i start thinking dude if there was a god he WOULD NOT let this happen to me. I wont leave my house, i wont go out with friends, i wont let friends come over, I lie when someone asks me to go somewhere or i have to be somewhere its gotten so bad that to get out of
  5. for those who make it iced how many tea pouches of the get gorgeous should i put in 4 quarts???
  6. Thanks so much! i actually went to the store today and got some jojoba oil and some white tea and im going to try it. Im not very good at drinking water either so im trying to get better with that as well. =D
  7. BP is incredibly drying. I used it (2.5% version where you keep it on and let it absorb, like in the acne.org regimen) and it made my skin start to wrinkle a little bit because of how dry my face was. And yes, I had a moisturizer. I tried sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, but none of them would get rid of the immense dryness of my face. Didn't work. But, my face is quite sensitive. BP works wonders for others with skin that can withstand it. So, currently, I'm using a cleanser with salicylic acid an
  8. I LOVE black bean burgers! Yes i am not vegan however i do not drink milk. I dont eat much eggs either. Its crazy the imitation meat taste just like the real thing! I love chik'n!
  9. Im wanting to try the BP product however im nervous about the drying. I dont know if anyone else has a serious dry skin problem but for a couple of years now i will often get so dry that my skin will crack open around my mouth and nose and my skin will become raw and rough and nothing will relieve me from the dryness. I currently sleep with neosporin on my face every night with a little vaseline. Its miserable with the dryness i already have but on top of that i also have acne breakouts and any
  10. I am a vegetarian and i have seen a lot of people who say they have had successful diets with lots of meat and lack of soy but in my case i eat loads of soy... I do however eat fish. Id love to hear from some other vegetarians