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  1. Heh. I'm a 17 year old male and I did this for a week once and my acne got WORSE. Just throwing that out there.
  2. I woke up one day and decided, "Wow, my body acne is still just as bad no matter how much I use all these topical products." So I just experimented using a basic body scrub that was pretty soft and started using regular soap.... it's done wonders. I'm pretty much 95% clear. Chest acne was obliterated. I feel awesome. Give it a try. Take a break from your regimen and just use a rag/body scrub and soap. I just showered whenever I felt dirty which was usually only once a day. sometimes twice. Oh.
  3. Eh it's not? I guess I could give it a try then
  4. I have had acne since about my freshman year in high school... I remember people in 8th grade started getting it while I was still smooth-skinned 100% clear. I would even think in my head "I'm so lucky I'm not an acne sufferer..." well in 9th grade i lifted up my bangs and had unholy forehead acne you have probably seen in those crazy pictures. I went into a crazy deal about fixing this and began scrubbing and going hardcore on my face with soap and a rag... at first, i thought this was the solu
  5. Been doing this for a week and my body acne has gotten... idk... it's not better. Chest got worse and back is on and off... should i stay the course and try another week? :[
  6. It worked for me... Skin hasn't been this clear since late 8th grade!!! Woooooo! Hey, but wait... does this work for women? Like, do they get acne from masturbation? And I have a question... What happens if you just jack off, but don't ejaculate? Does that count?
  7. Let's keep this topic alive! I want more people to read and try this.
  8. How fast does it work? And do you have to be 18+ to buy it?
  9. Recently, I got to a point where I didn't even wanna take off my shirt or look at myself shirtless in the mirror... even though it has been worse before. I would even go as far as to take showers in the dark to not look at my own body acne... I usually have sex in the dark or with dim lighting. I remember instances of my ex girlfriend licking my back and I felt uncomfortable because I had bacne, but she did it more than once on numerous occasions... Made me sad because her back is ultra clear a
  10. I think this is interesting I found this... I sometimes masturbate up to 2-3 times a day (when single ) It'll be a hard habit to kick, but I'm gonna go do it one more time and see if this works... then i'll be totally ready for swimsuit season by then hopefully