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  1. I'm gonna say I'm so sorry you are going thru this with your skin. As someone who has suffered in the same way, I know how it eats away at your self esteem. I'll tell you my story, and, though it differs slightly from yours, I will say I suspect you are correct...it's probably hormonal acne. So, years ago I started on a birth control that was called Norplant. (Not available anymore but...) Within a month I started breaking out for the first time in my life! I was around 20 at the time. I also s
  2. Well, I will say, I guess we should all just embrace wearing sunscreen. Or we should, at least. But, it burns my skin and eyes like crazy! It's brutal! And, it doesn't matter if it's in my moisturizer or a sunscreen applied on top of it. It's all the same. So, I'm on the never-ending search for a sunscreen that won't make my skin red and irritated and burn and sting my eyes! I wear Bare Minerals & it has an spf of 15. I do nothing more unless I'm going to be out in the sun. I have no idea i
  3. I haven't done it but have a friend who is and she said it is costing her $500 per month. But that's in the US.
  4. dgj

    Gets rid of acne...period!!! None I've been on every acne treatment under the sun, minus Accutane. Every antibiotic, every topical product, both over the counter and RX. Finally, after suffering for years with what I suspected was acne caused by hormonal problems, I went to a new dermatologist. She said, your acne is on the lower half of your face, you break out more just before your period, no other acne med's have worked...you have hormonal acne and need Spironolactone. I started with 25 mg/da
  5. I went thru the same process you did. Kept getting RX for retin A, antibiotics, topical everything and oral everything except accutane. Went to several dermatologists and kept going thru this routine for years. Then, I switched derms once more and I told her my story. She said, your acne is hormonal, you need spironalactone. She said this based on the fact that my acne was mostly on the lower half of my face and it worsened just prior to my period. No blood tests were required to make my diagnos