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  1. I totally know how you feel. Everything I do, I act, I eat, I drink, I apply/ do not apply IS an issue to me. I also cannot understand why anybody can eat shit junk food and drinks, smoke, alcohol and their skin is just flawless and please we aren't even exagerating what we observed. I see many smoke and drink yet their skin is like glass flawless. Yet much effort on out part is only for the maintance. Yea we know world is never fair, so is life. But still as gratful we should be eve
  2. Well, some ppl/ most ppl arent that perfect themselves, we all have flaws, but we acne-suffers confirm do know more how conscious anyone could be about their appearance, that we wouldnt go around to act smart and "suggest" how other people's face could be improve, without anyone even asking for their opinion. Sure enough given their obvious flaws that they are being really fat/ short, no one esp I did not even comment them at all. But ppl like them just love to point other ppl's face fla
  3. Happened to saw this News and thought could share it here: uh oh: AnnaLynne McCord is in a spot of bother as she suffers from a bad skin day while shooting wedding scenes By Sarah Fitzmaurice and Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 1:16 PM on 17th February 2012 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2102417/AnnaLynne-McCord-spot-bother-suffers-bad-skin-day-shooting-wedding-scenes.html#ixzz1miosTVRg Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-210241
  4. I guess not evrytime whatever a doctor suggested would be the best correct thing you know? maybe you could try another doctor cos this current one apparently did not give you option (medicne) base on your needs. rather he ight just gave you something without address your skin is dry as well. it could be oily skin that cos acne. but dry skin that are too dry are prone to infections as well due to small cracks etc. so i suggest you could forgo your cream now altogether. it may be too har
  5. Are you a female or male? If you're a female, try cover the with makeup is the only permanent "helpful" way, at least for those moments where you need face the superficial world. I totally know how you feel. The fustration of how things will never stop. I really do hate myself for the weekly outbreak which left me scarred for the rest of month. Then when it recover nicely, THEN it comes back again. It's fcuking damn Pms. I really had enough.
  6. Hey hi, was about to made my bed and sleep for my first day of part time job the next day early morning. What I feeling now was the reason I take a look at your thread. I feel a lot about what you going through cos I know how it is like having shit red spot acne everywhere whatever you do or not.but I using handphone typing this so its difficult, so shall make it fast: Hope to give ya a hug. I want to let ya know you're not alone. Maybe tomorrow I heading to a new place to work that's y I am n
  7. ... Never did i say anyone is ugly, why would anyone been through that shoes comment on that anyway. -.- What it meant was that most of us dont likeacne cos how it makes us less good looking, it is US US US OURSELVES, most of time self conscious and perceive it as ugly, if not why would we bother to find a cure. (NOT SAYING ALLL AS WELL HERE). Some cases is what the outsiders perceive you, that affects us. Get it right please, for god sake, i dont regard acne ppl is unpleasant at all. We
  8. Thankyou, you're welsome (: Yea there's alot saying that goat milk has lesser allgerent, (i wont dare say too much cos i havent done alot research about gaot milk, but i would definately prefer that to highly contained androgen cow milk.) And i love almond milk! Soya milk is good too! - contains estrogen hopefully balance some with high testerone/ androgen.
  9. I having it suddenly recently (never had cluster full of tiny invisible tiny bumps arounf neck and chin area. BAD I KNOW...) Then i suspect my case is the edges of my blanket, cos i like to cover my body till neck area. And my blanket wasnt washed AT ALL for more than 6 months. (sry if this sounds gross..)
  10. Oh if i really have to eat, i give you some useful tip: * Prepare to drink apple cider vinegar cos it can help digest those process food without enzymes better, gluten or meat for instance. ACV helps the liver not to overwork. Do some homework research about ACV. I always drink AVC if i got to eat oily food. (in a way you compensate). So far nothing real bad happens, and heart feel better without gulityness.
  11. Oh and look into the mirror see how your face got better without those unhealthy food, tell yourself: "see you have a good face, beautiful skin. you can be so beautiful you know, i can maintain this way." This way you can make self-encourgement, you will find that courage and determine not to sway away, cos ultimately we all want to be look good.
  12. Remember how ugly you would turn out to be. Remind yourself how hard you gonna deal with that outbreak and how LONG red/ drown scars gona stays there for months. Remember you much you wish to be presentable and nice. Remember just a moment fulfilment may return as months of agony. SO dont give in. NONONONO!!! You can do it, remember how everything seems to worth it when you dont have to go through the outbreak shit. ps: i understand your struggle, your hard to self control. i stay aw
  13. Hey there, this might not help you magically instantly, but still i really wish to help you abit. WAtch what you eat. Eat more vitamin C food which will help in healing process. No matter you end up sueing or going through another facial process. EAT MORE VITAMIN C to help in healing!!! Cos you want it to heal faster and grow skin fast. And drink more water!
  14. Your IPL is to tone down scar OR kill bacteria OR hair removal so as to prevent folliticles?
  15. A small tip to share: Whenever you wash your face, DO NOT wipe it with cloth or napkins or whatever. Cos no matter how clean you have washed, there bound to have some bacteria on it- not that you could prevent that. So the best way is to let it dry on it's own. Afterall the weather is so dry and hot, you'll have no worries that the water on face is gona last long anyway. MOST importantly, your face is able to absorb some moisture, better than nothing. Also your face would be left more cooling