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  1. LaFeMMe4Natural

    Finally a place where everyone gets it

    LOL, I know. Thanks. I don't really know how to start here on acne.org. I am kind of just winging it. It seems like some of the people on here really have some precise regimines. It's sad to say that there's not more anyone can do without trial and error being the main method. I was really starting to think that all natural was the way to go but I broke down and am now trying tretinoin gel .01%. Three days now. Not so much of drying as I thought but then it is the lowest dose. I just have
  2. LaFeMMe4Natural

    Finally a place where everyone gets it

    I'm so happy to finally find a place where people get it. My friends who don't have ance like I do don't understand how it feels to never have clear skin. The worst part about it sometimes is when they have there once in a blue moon pimple and they react as though it is some sort of crisis. I'm not much of a blogger I am just saying that it's nice to come to a place where there are Real product reviews and great advise from people who know. I am so tired of hearing, "Have you tried Proactiv?"
  3. I want to be one of those success stories.

    1. LaFeMMe4Natural

      The smell is decent. Not harsh on the skin can leave a residue. Expensive!! Doesn't work I bought this in hopes of having a one stop shop for eveything natural. Using it as a wash, toner and moisturizer is what got me to want to try it thinking I was possibly using too many things on my skin. I thought it was going to be worth it when you think about buying all those other products seperately. NO! I broke out more with this product than when I didn't use it. I don't think this is worth trying a