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  1. HI....have just come back on here and discovered I had over 17000 views...wow! its been 15 months (ish) since I finished my course and life is going well for me right now...bought a house last year, have met a man and Im enjoyin my life! I still take dianette but not for much longer and I still use BP every night. It wasnt an easy ride and my skin will never be the same as it was before .....but right now I am happy. Yes I would do it again, not that I want to though! for all of you
  2. Thanks aljef! All I will say to you is ride it out. Try not to think about it and by month 3 and 4 you will notice the spots slowly stopping! Mr derm has given me another month to make sure we hit the 1mg per kilo dosage. One more month....oh well, I've got this far! 38 days to go!
  3. I bet the little breakout/rash was only noticable to you, we all judge ourselves way too much! glad things are better for you!
  4. I bet you are glad to be done! I hope you stay clear and best of luck to you!
  5. Hi! Long time no speak! I've been trying to live my life a bit so not been on in a while! Glad ur clearing now! In answer to ur question on my log, I started noticing a big difference at about 3months in but my skin still isn't clear, still getting tiny little bumps that sit there and leave me worried they will turn into giant cysts! Got a few little bumps left so now just hoping and praying they go away! And I am going to push for at least one more month to get up to 5. Then I will be over th
  6. Day 104 -I think! Well I'm into the triple digits! Hooray! Yes I have deserted my log and I am sorry but I have been trying to enjoy my life a bit! Things are going well. Haven't had a proper spot for nearly 2 weeks but still getting random little bumps coming up here and there. Some little scars have filled in a bit, some still annoy me! I have just over 2 weeks left but will be emailing the derm on monday to ask for another months worth coz I'm not satisfied that this is enough. I said I w
  7. it's been too long! Hope you are ok?!
  8. Day 80 Sooooo in 10 days I will be starting my fourth and final month and I'm still not clear - gutted! things have been better but 2 days ago tht last little under the skin bump decided it had been hiding for way too long and stated to grow. Today is Tuesday and it isn't huge but it is big enough to annoy the hell out of me! It's been there so long I thought it was going to be there forever so I guess I should be happy that it is finally moving on....but after only having 2 whiteheads in over
  9. keep smiling! you will get through it!! Hope you get used to the side effects soon...chin up to the sky!
  10. Ive had serious sleep problems for the last few weeks. I wake up and struggle to get back and I wake up soooo early in the morning and that's it, wide awake, even though I still feel exhausted. Last night I tossed and turned so badly and woke up to look at the clock each time. I have tried different sleeping tablets in the past but they have never worked on me! My doctor gave me some 'stronger' ones after the first lot failed to help. she claimed she had taken one and it knocked her out for 1
  11. Day 70 - 10 weeks! The cyst never came! yay! really happy about that, the little bump just went away! so in the last 2 weeks I have had only one spot of any significance and that was just a normal person spot! a few little bumps - around the size of a the end of a needle - keep coming up. they kind of just feel like a tiny dot of dry skin, very odd. MY NOSE looks and feels like sand paper, my own fault for complaining that I hadn't had any blackheads come out of it! they are all coming out
  12. Knew it was too good to be true, makings of a new cyst on left cheek. Pants!
  13. Sounds like things are going really well for you! it is the most gutting feeling when you have clear time then you you get a spot! I was devastated and it was only tiny! How's the placement going?
  14. Your skin is looking great! Glad the heel pain has subsided for you, mine comes and goes but it is bearable! How long is your course going to be?