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  1. Wow, it's been a while since i've posted here, didn't realise my thread had so many posts! I've heard this before, but could you at least attempt to explain it? And just because there is a correlation doesn't mean there is causation. There are plenty of other factors to consider like diet, exercise, getting some sun...
  2. I've seen this in a lot of my ex school mates, too! They used to have a lot of acne, but pictures of them a while after leaving school (when you start to get into drinking a lot more) and they have crystal clear skin. Just a guess but perhaps the alcohol increases efficiency of the liver? Possibly even gives it a good clear, after all alchol is a potent disinfectant!
  3. Plenty of veggie fibre and water sorted my problems out. I would have a bowel movement maybe every other day, with it regularly being every 3 days! I also lowered my fats and increased carbs from sweet potato and rice and it made a huge difference.
  4. This forum is getting out of hand, acne really is driving people insane. What about kids who spent all their time running about, outside, usually in the park. They don't wash their hands every time they go down the slide, and then they are constantly putting their hands in their mouth. Apparently as a kid I would always try eating mud and insects like most others, I never died from any horrible bacteria. People are (as usual) not thinking for themselves and believing the media. You need to be
  5. No other animal has gained the capabilities to refine milk and pass it on
  6. ok i guess. I've sort of gotten past the 'i hate my face' phase. Now I'm just trying to ignore it sort of. I'm really not sure what to try now, it seems like i've tried everything. sighh. Oh well though. Life isn't about looking great.

  7. Up untill last week, very good! Last week after I come out of hospital my diet went to shreds and I ate alot of gluten, and past with cheese in the middle. Safe to say i'm paying for it this week! haha. Hows things your end?

  8. hey! i'm still here, unfortunately. took a long break, but i decided to come back. how have you been? how's your acne/diet?

  9. You still about? How is everything? :)

  10. Theres is no way any of us can answer your question. The only way to find out is eat it and see what happens.
  11. Why are people moaning about this forum? People come here and explain THEIR exeperiences and what works for them, not what works for everyone. Just because someone makes a thread saying they can't eat nuts, that doesn't mean you can't, same with everything else. You are in control of your own actions, you need to take the advice given on here and apply it to yourself. Stop being lazy and copying what everyone else has done and start working things out for yourself, its the only way your ever g
  12. Adrenaline from stubbing your toe hard does not compare in any way to what I was experiencing from playing online high level CSS (competitive). The effects of adrenaline are profound on the body and as with anything, too much will cause damage, especially when you consider this was for 5+ years consistantly everyday. The body is not designed to handle constant stress like that.
  13. I've based my entire problem of acne off of this very theory; playing video games alot throughout my teens sent my adrenaline, and therefore cortisol, through the roof. Everyday I was subjected to probably 10s of big adrenaline rushes a day from playing games. I also have undiagnosed rumbling appendicitus which I believe to be caused from it too. My skin was flawless before I started playing heavily. My testosterone and libido were extremely high, never tired, everything was perfect. Now, while