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  1. Woow, it's been a long time since I last wrote an entry here! Anyhows, good news - my face has been clearing up lately! Yes, as amazing as it sounds, I no longer have the annoying chin acne I was complaining about earlier. I discovered that the chin acne was due to antibiotics I had been taking - I have been consuming antibiotics for toooooo long I suppose - but after I decided to completely stop taking them, the chin acne went away in a matter of days. I'm left with red marks that seem to
  2. It seems like I'm on the verge of having used AHA+ for 2 months! Yay, for once I have been determined enough to actually use a product for more than 1 month, despite the ups and downs. I think these two months have been worth it - I have made mistakes along the way but at the moment, my skin is quite ok to be honest. I still don't like my skin that much but at least it is better than it used to be. Okay, so what I have noticed this week - my skin texture not only feels smoother but it look
  3. My skin has been relatively good this week. Not so oily and the pimples have seemed to heal faster as well. I actually decided to reduce the amount of AHA+ I use per day and the improvement has been great! I guess the recommended full finger dosage was way too much for my skin - I am not using BP on my whole face after all so I don't need that much peeling. The amount of AHA+ I currently use per day is approximately the size of my finger tip - it's enough to lightly cover my whole face. I'll see
  4. So I have my terrible ups and downs when it comes to my skin - some days are just great, some days are like I had just fallen off from a cliff and waiting for the hit on the ground. This week has been so much so, full of ups and downs. Now, I have to say that despite all the emotional ups and downs, my skin keeps constantly improving, which is great. But the improvement is so slow and nothing major, which obviously makes me upset. I'm already on my day 46 with Dan's AHA+ - and after I stop
  5. Hello everyone! I'm starting a blog in order to keep track of my acne; I hope this will be interesting for others to take a look at as well. How it all began for me.... My name's Henna - I'll be 20 years old later this year and I've been suffering from acne & bacne for almost 5 years now. My skin has gradually become worse, although I've had times when my facial acne has reduced to almost zero. I've been through many different regimens: antibiotics, BP cream, water only regimen, sa
  6. I have been really surprised to realize that it may be fish oil causing me acne! I don't remember anymore why exactly I stopped eating fishoil just now (a few days ago) - I had started taking fish oil pills again a month or so ago, after a long time of not taking them. Ever since (of starting to consume fish oil pills again) I developed lots of pimples on my cheeks as well as mouth area, but because I started using AHA+ at the same time, I thought it would just be my purging period. Neverthele
  7. Derms aren't always the most genuine persons out there - or at least my experiences have been like this. I've seen a few derms and they only examined my skin for a few seconds and then came up with the conclusion: "Dear, you have acne." Excuse me? Like I didn't know that myself? Basically, some of them just want your money. It's very expensive to go see a derm and, no, my insurance whatsoever doesn't cover visiting a derm. Plus, we're not a very rich family either so I just rather skip going t
  8. I have heard of Sebamed and also have tried their products multiple times, just not this particular one. I think the results for me have been quite OK when using Sebamed; Sebamed products never really cleared my acne, but they never made me break out either. Usually the Sebamed products are quite gentle and good, so I recommend them (: The con for me, though, has been that I can only buy Sebamed from a local drug store (I live in Finland), so because of that, the price is quite high.
  9. Yesterday, I once again cried in a dark corner and kept repeating to myself: "I just want to live a normal life, feel happy and confident again. I want myself back." Yeah, I was crying because of my skin. I have never been a confident person. Well, maybe when I was a kid. But ever since puberty my life has gone downhills. People have called me names, have told me several times that I am ugly etc. - and then acne makes things even worse. Before I had acne, I was able to cope with life somehow -
  10. Out of all the things I've tried, BP 5% has kept me the most clean. The cons of using BP though are the irritation, flakiness and redness (my pretty much whole face is sun damaged, so, the redness was pretty severe) - that's why I only use it as spot treatment these days. I haven't found my cure yet and sometimes I'm doubtful if I will ever find one; I hope time will take care of my acne.
  11. I'd say it depends on one's skin; for me, AHA has reduced oiliness (that's because my skin used to be really thick -esp. in t-zone, nose and around the nose- and dry because of using BP products for many years & being sunburnt; that's why my skin produced a lot of oil). AHA has exfoliated my skin back to its somewhat normal, not so thick & dry state so my oiliness has definitely reduced (I have noticed the changed in just a few weeks; whenever I use makeup, I don't need to wipe my face
  12. Your acne looks like mine when my skin was still at its good state (and that was maybe 4~5 years ago, lol). I have ruined my skin by using way too many products and by trying everything - except being WITHOUT products. I think my skin would've eventually healed if I had stopped using harsh chemicals and all but I never did and now, I'm so regretful. You still have the chance to stop using products altogether or at least use them only moderately. I know how it feels like when you have your first
  13. I say if you have the opportunity to go to sauna some time, do take advantage of that opportunity. I go to sauna on a weekly basis (since we have one at our house) and it is not only really enjoyable but it really gets rid of the gunk (if you slightly scrub your face with a towel) and dead skin cells as well. It may not be an ance cure but it definitely gives me and my skin a refreshing feeling. And I have also noticed that Dan's AHA+ keeps my pores a lot clearer of all the gunk and yucky stuf
  14. I would like to have some sort of answer to this question as well! I've been having the same problem area (yes, the mouth area) ever since starting to use AHA products. I'm otherwise pretty much clear but the mouth area is getting worse every day. :/ Some people here talked about yeast infection in the mouth (maybe that's why the recommendation of a SLS-free toothpaste??).
  15. I started to recently get similar bumps after beginning to use AHA products. First it was a Korean AHA face wash product (Etude House's Yogurt Peel Cleasing Foam) that gave me pimples/white bumps around my mouth area - now, Dan's AHA is giving me some new bumps. I'm not sure if it has something to do with AHA at all or whether it's just my skin reacting in a not so pleasurable way to these new products. Hopefully it's the latter because then they might go away (plus I don't want to quit using A