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  1. I have had acne for 8 years, was on proactive in highschool but stopped using it once i was clear, and ultimately my acne came back. I moved onto other topicals and antibiotics throughout high school nothing worked. . At 21 I went on accutane and it cleared up my skin for five months. Slowly my acne started to come back, most likely due to stress. I ordered the proactive and it has changed my life. I cannot explain how grateful I am, please give it a try and keep using it. It took about 3 weeks
  2. Hey I hope you are right. My doctor said the third month I should be like Oh my God, but so far nothing. I'm just getting fed up because school is starting next week and I convinced myself I would be clear by then, now I know its not true. Anyway, I hope we both get clear sooner then later! Thanks for responding to my post, it makes me feel better to know I am not alone and the medicine hasnt worked for either of us yet. Let me know when you get clear and I'll do the same. Thanks again for writi
  3. Things are not good, im giving up hope, its day 65 and I still feel like a monster, can you guys give me some encouragement? When will this work? When will I look normal? fuck fuck fuck my life.
  4. Starting Month 3, Time is going by pretty slow, probably because I am not clear yet. I am still breaking out alot, both cheeks are full of red marks. My skin does not look good at all, but it is definitely better from what I started out with. My entire face is also beat red, it looks like I am wearing red foundation, its a total different color from my neck. I had my doctors appointment today, she is keeping me on 60mgs this month and said next month I will move up to 80. She told me to
  5. Hey I bought F.A.B. moisturizer from Sephora yesterday, its their ultra repair cream, and is bringing my dry skin back to life. Read what it does FAB Ultra Repair Cream is a thick, rich, emollient product that hydrates deep down with exceptional penetration. With the help of colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, soothing eucalyptus oil and ceramides, FAB Ultra Repair Cream provides immediate relief and visible improvement for distressed skin. Our Antioxidant Booster is there to defend skin from
  6. Im breaking out so bad right now its not even cool. My whole right side is under attack. What is going on, shouldn't it be working by now? My left side is clear except for three small white heads and a million red marks but my right side just keeps breaking out. Can you guys give me some words of encouragement as to when things will start looking up. So sad right now. I am supposed to get my period this week so maybe this is the case but it's so bad. And are you guys picking or popping y
  7. i felt everything you just said about dressing to blend in and feeling like i didnt deserve to have nice clothes on with a face like mine. im on day 53 i think and things are starting to get better and i vowed to change that attitiude at soon as I am clear. Hold in there, my doctor said by my third month im going to be shocked with how much better things are looking. no worries you are almost there
  8. My skin is looking better than it has looked in the past 2 years right now, since I was last on accutane for those 2 months in high school. I still am breaking out, have a ton of red marks but my face just looks a lot better, I am getting excited to start to feel human again and hoping that soon acne will be the last thing on my mind when I look in the mirror. yes yes yes yes yes! I hope it continues to get good from here. its a very slow process though, I know my face will look the sam
  9. so happy for you! i cant believe I am not clear yet but its only been a month and a half. they say 3 months. is your acne similiar to mine?
  10. hey if any of you are following me i just put up pictures on message board, type in lovethefreeworld or my 2010 accutane diary and it should come up. You will see what I am working with! K bye
  11. Heyyy some of you my recognize my topic title name from my blog, so I am just writing here to show pictures. I am on month two already and this is what my skin looks like with make up on... My head has been clear since I started, my cheeks are getting alot better, they are still pretty bad. Okayy hope this helps i will keep uploading pictures hopefully the next ones will be alot easier on the eyes lol Oh and look at my forehead does anyone else have small holes in their head like mine? wil
  12. this made me feel better, thank you!
  13. I am writing again, I said I'd only update when I got clear but I need to write more. This website is the only thing that keeps me sane, and I am going to go get a journal I am just to embarrassed to leave my house right now. Things are literally at a stand still, I can't stop popping my pipples, but there not like the cysts, they are actual white heads but they are huge, and they like form on top of eachother like I will have a big one in the middle, and then too little ones right next to t
  14. Hey! When will it stop for us Good luck to you, I think I am going to 80 mg next month too ughhh I just want it to stop I am growing impatient lol
  15. Hi i started the exact same day as you except this year, you finished late! I thought I would be done with this by early december ;( haha I havent been drinking and I am gunna die when I get back to college, I might drink just once or twice but thats it I'm so worried though but you seem okay lolI just read your whole blog to determine when I should be clearing up it was alot of help thanks !