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absolutely brilliant. not a single one.. okay so i was using olive oil to wash my face, followed by goats milk soap... then i tried jojoba oil... it was alright.. but then i tired emu oil WOW the difference is Huge. check out my log to see the pictures. i'm currently on week 6 of my accutane treatment, and i flared up like no tomorrow with the first 5 weeks. BAD cystic acne like i've never ever experienced before. lots of PIH and itchy scaly messy skin. i would call it angry skin. anyway i start

By jennyband,

not sure yet... nausea in the first week I'm 24, had my first experience with acne last year but it cleared up over the summer when i was swimming at the beach, i would still get the occasional zit but nothing to what 2010 had in store... i started breaking out a bit so the doc prescribed me Diane in April.... and my face went CRAZY. oil where oil had never been, pores enlarged, and two great big infections one either side of my face, heavy painful periods and crazy stomach problems.. i f

By jennyband,