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  1. Hey Jenny, I have been on spiro for 6 or 7 months now and it's working great so I hope you have success with it. I am on 100mg too and that seems to be the perfect dose for me. I have been using dans aha for almost a month now with daily use. I do like 75% aha to 25% CeraVe cream and it's faded my marks by 70% no shit. I was using retin a and Hydroquinone together for months with little results, nothing I noticed anyways. Aha has been great for me. I got a couple white heads right when I starte
  2. hey i'm on spiro now (one month in) made it up to 100mg a day, and i'm looking at trying some of dans AHA as i happen to have some here... randomly left over from accutane days. skin is doing ok i'm still breaking out a bit only in two spots either side of my jaw, hopefully by week 10-12 it will be gone mostly, people tend to report that it clears after three months. i'm also on Yaz and have been for 3 months. i'll report back when i have more to share. good luck JB
  3. i took prednisone with my second course of accutane, it was a great help to relieve the cysts. give it a go if your dr will give it to you. the side effects aren't too bad in small doses.
  4. Haha I waste too much time on here too sometimes... I didn't actually talk to my doctor about topicals... I've used Duac in the past and other BP based products / gels - they did help but I was only ever clear completely if I used them with antibiotics. My skin doesn't seem to respond as well to SA as it does to BP. But I'll remember to ask about other topicals when I see my GP again in a few weeks. (Thanks for reminding me! ) Try spiro + birth control combo and talk to your dr about accutan
  5. I fucking LOVE PARAMORE. haha and its really not like any of the other music i listen to. but they are fucking great. your skin doesn't look too bad, i reckon you'll find success soon.
  6. yeah like you diet isn't really an issue for me, other than a dairy or sugar binge which never helps any matters. i apply moisturiser first, but not a lot. i rely on the jojoba oil i use in the shower.
  7. me + dairy aren't really friends either, without rehashing everything you just said its Ditto for me. do you have issues with breads? i've stopped drinking coffee for nearly 2 months... and i work in a coffee shop. its rough. i had one soy milk coffee the other week but thats has been the only exception. I actually do not believe that milk gives me acne (or caffeine), because when i am clear it doesn't break me out, the only thing that breaks me out is hormonal fluctuations and stress. eating a
  8. holy mother trucking... that is really $$$ my doc gave me FREE DUAC GEL, 2 tubes. but i filled a doxy script and only used one month, money officially wasted. i'm feeling your pain. my best friend has had all her tyres punctured twice in 6 weeks and she cried for hours because those bastards have financially ruined her. she's a waitress at university... so shit when we have NO MONEY and acne to boot.
  9. to all the haters, yes i went on accutane twice and yes it cleared up my skin twice. accutane is not a cure, but a highly effective treatment. nothing else has done for me what accutane did. i'll say it again , it isn't a cure, it is a treatment. its effective for most people, truly clears their skin and gives them back their face. i don't regret my decisions. if you have an underlying issue (like a hormonal imbalance) your acne will still return in some capacity unless you address that with tre
  10. oh hey there stranger. my skin has done a back flip... twice... i took accutane last year for 5 months.. and i could possibly have to take it again very soon. sigh.
  11. i would recommend talking to your doctor about accutane. you don't have to live with acne! good luck. JB
  12. Hi just wanted to let you know i have done Accutane twice as well (2010 and 2012), and i'm getting hormonal breakouts starting the pill again (2 months in). I'm going to push through and see if i can clear up without accutane. The doctor prescribed me Duac gel which is a topical antibiotic and BP gel, i find it really helps with the deep cysts and painful pimples. Make sure you use it with a good moisturiser and perhaps wash your face with jojoba oil as well because its drying. Best of luck