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  1. Blib blab blob

  2. Macbeth, Rooibos tea doesn't contain caffeine. Grats on clearing up ashles!
  3. Hey guys, just checked and saw some updates so i thought id get back to you.. @maggipie: Thankyou! All the best if you take roaccutane i really hope it works out for you. @MDS20: I was on 30mg for the first month then up to 40 for 3 weeks, then i stayed at 50 for a month and then up to 60mg until finishing. Apparently its best to start on a low dose and then double but im glad mine was staggered because my skin often acted badly to an increase in the drug. To me 80mg a day would have been waay
  4. Aw you are most welcome. =) I am quite good today, just trying to enjoy the summertime. How about yourself?

  5. Nice one for pointing this out -- might help a few ppl! @SKguy: Just interested, what does almond milk taste like?
  6. Hey David, accutane is the way to go. I'd say your acne is just moderate, you look like you got a couple of active nodules but the accutane will sort that out quick, maybe after that you should seek Chemical peels for your scarring. I really hope it all works out for you man, and be strong! Remember lots of us are in the same shit.
  7. No problem! ;) LOL my name is Bekah... but Bek is cool huh? I might have to change it !!

  8. Hey Bek, thanks for dropping me a msg! How are you today? Is your name actually Bek cos thats very cool if it is!x

  9. Hey Swits i noticed on a thread you mentioned a book called ckhart tolle's "a new earth". It sounds like something i need, what is about exactly? Cheers man..

  10. Leaving comment! Haha : ]

  11. Just watched this on Kairasa's profile. Awesome advise to think about! ">
  12. Hey thanks for sending me a message! I wanna let you know the video you posted is fantastic and thank you for sharing it! Such positive advise that i forget to live by. How are you today? x

  13. Hi everyone, i want to answer some of the above posts. @cassuk: Everyones side-effects will be different, mine was minimal with just dry lips and skin... i also got facial redness and flushing towards the end of my treatment.. it's getting better slowly. If you are really unhappy with your skin and have tried and failed with antibiotics then i 100% recommend Roaccutane, its the closest thing to a cure for acne. Most people you hear the horror stories from are skeptics that haven't even been on
  14. lol @ jmc89, you actually seem angry. It's a shame you don't believe that some people are actually just nice people and want to share their successes. As for me i've never used or heard of Acnescript, but i looked it up after reading this and its got alot of natural ingredients assossiated with clearing acne, so it makes sense to me that it might help with some people. Try not to be so sceptical in the future because you run the risk of sounding like an angry, unreasonable person.