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  1. Do not dwell over your typical woman, which she obviously is given that she is a...woman. Women deserve no love or comfort, but only tragedy, pain and hardship to boot.
  2. When you learn to accept acne, then you know its bad. Acne is suppose to leave a person in pain and loneliness, not content.
  3. No. I don't put myself into situations where I would be rejected simply because I have absolutely no want for others in my life anyway. People mean nothing to me with exception to their grief and pain.
  4. Thanks for the compliment. No problem. Anytime. You're such a gentleman Awww thank you madam, but I already know I am. You women are just so deserving of it.
  5. People are deserving of acne, especially the good looking ones.
  6. Hah! You'll fail. Women are all the same. They're all pretentious, shallow, fickle, and stuck up.