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  1. Ooh yeah, that makes sense. Obviously those who are fortunate enough to just not have acne aren't going to be affected by diet, but it's possible for those who do have acne to be affected, right? (I know that hormones, genes, lifestyle also affect acne too.) Is it possible for one persons skin to be extremely sensitive to diet whereas another person's isn't really?
  2. I feel really bad for those who have been horribly mocked here. Some people just are absolutely terrible. I've been pretty fortunate, but there are some instances. First, I was at my dentist appointment, and then my dentist said, "oh! You are turning into a young lady now!" (prodding the three pimples on my cheeks, I have mild/moderate acne. Thank goodness the powder was hiding my red marks! xD) she then went on to follow me out of the examination room, and tell my mom and me about how she to
  3. Hi! Since eating sugar seems to break me out, I've been trying to find an alternative sweetener for my oatmeal. (I just can't eat it plain! xD) I was wondering if any of you guys had any knowledge or experience with honey and acne. Does it seem to affect your guys's acne in any way? Thanks!
  4. Nope, it really isn't that bad. Just eat well, sleep well, and exercise!
  5. Okay, obviously I need to rephrase myself here because some people are being kind of rude.......I don't believe that diet is the one and only cause of acne, but why don't some people believe that diet can AFFECT acne?
  6. I just don't get it! It's as plain as the nose on your face that a poor diet causes acne. I just feel bad for those who have acne but don't make any effort to eat better. Why don't they know?
  7. Hi, so I started to get acne pretty early on, at about age 12 and a half. I've got it mostly under control by changing my diet, but I still do have mild/moderate acne, consisting of a few basically gone pimples, and A LOT of post-acne marks. My mom doesn't want them to turn into full-blown scars, so she's taking me to my normal physician, (not a dermatologist) for some advice. This is my first time going in for an appointment about acne, so I don't know what to expect. If I wear powder, will I a
  8. Ya know, I always wondered the same thing. I believe it has to do with hormones and genetics mainly. However, if you watch your diet and live a healthy lifestyle, your acne won't be all that bad. I'm 12 and have light acne in my t-zone. However, my older sister is 14, and barely has any pimples on her face, just a couple. However, she has some bad neck acne, and I don't. The point is, I watch my diet, and she doesn't. I think she inherited my moms genes. (my mom was pretty clear, my dad had mod
  9. Thank youuuuu!!!!!!!! Next time I need makeup I'll pick up the powder as well, but I'm going to see how the bamboo one works!
  10. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I'm sorry that your getting a few more cysts. However, keep in mind that sometimes when you start a new system it will purge (make worse at first but then heal) your skin. However, sometimes this is not the case, but it might be for you. One thing that might help is medicated makeup. You can pick some up at walmart. Don't hesitate even if you're a guy, there's nothing to be ashamed of. P.S. Thank you for answering my post!!!!
  11. I would go natural, try cocoa butter, jojoba oil....... There's a whole variety of things. If ur taking a medication, eating healthily, not stressing and keeping your hands away from your face, and not popping pimples, I doubt your acne will scar. Try to take some zinc supplements also, if you aren't . Zinc helps prevent the skin from scarring.
  12. Hi, so I was wondering if anybody had heard of a makeup company called physicians formula. I just got a compact of face powder from them. It's called bamboo wear. It's hypoallergenic, oil free, dermatologist approved, and non comedogenic. It's a mineral makeup with bamboo extracts in it. It also has zinc added, which is supposed to be good for your skin. Has anybody heard of these guys? Oh, just to let you know, I'm a 12 year old girl. My cheeks are perfectly clear, I just have a small
  13. I have the exact same problem!!! My hairline and mid forehead are basically clear..... It's a little odd.... It may have to do with hair there. In the meantime, watch your diet, sleep well, and don't stress.
  14. Hi, so I have very light acne in my t-zone. I have combination/oily skin. I was wondering if jojoba oil would help improve my skin, as I found a small jar in a cuboard. Also, I have changed my lifestyle and diet,(eating mostly produce and fiber, cutting out processed foods and dairy) I was wondering if almond milk would be a healthy alternative to cows milk. Does it improve your skin or just leave it as is? Thank youuuuuuuu!!!
  15. I feel a lot better today!!!! My mom took me and got some face powder to wear for my choir concerts, cuz I have oily skin. It's a nice powder. It's oil free, hypoallergenic, organic, and bamboo based!!! It's pretty cool, and I think it might even help my skin a bit because it has zinc in it. I'm much too young to wear makeup, and my acne isn't so bad that it looks terrible, you have to be standing a couple inches away to see them, but I'll wear it occasionally for shine control!!! I'm no long