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  1. Ok, I got a huge cyst on my nose. First it started off small, that kept spreading in width and upwards.. it's huge so I've been doing warm water compresses. However, on the top/ upper part of the cyst (the newly spread area, not the core old region) a whitehead formed and I accidently opened it, so I squeezed pretty gently and a whole bunch of pus came out (~volume of a marble).. however, the thing I'm worried about is there was a white thing stuck to the red raw core in the wound, so I squeezed
  2. Umm it got better. It's almost flat but still did not decrease in width. SOmetimes I think it's actually spreading some....should I be worried. I'm sick of worrying about my acne
  3. I had a cyst that I had for like 5 months. I had several shots on it but none of them worked. Finally, I saw my doc 2 days ago and he decided to lance the cyst. I didn't know exactly what happened, but he said that a glob came out and said it turned out well and should heal. The cyst was immediately flattened. However, it's a darker color now. It's better, but how long should it take for the cyst to heal? The cyst shrunk in terms of "height" but in width (or the surface area on my nose), not so
  4. Hi I'm at my 6th month of accutane. It worked well; my cheek and body acne are completely gone! However, my NOSE is still the problem. My blackheads completely went away and stuff but still, old, flat, uninflamed cysts are still there. Also, I got one cyst that isn't flat, but just WONT go away. I don't think accutane will get rid of it in time....I had if for months, even 4 cortisone shots didn't get rid of it! SO my question is, will accutane still work for me after the treatment, even though
  5. Is accutane supposed to dry out cysts? It seems like its doing it for one one my cysts..so is this a good thing/
  6. Ok I have a pimple but I want to make sure if it is a cyst. I had a big pimple that I didn't pop correctly so its flat and not red or painful. However, one part of it got inflammable again (its not spreading to the other regions of the ex-pimple) and got big! It used to be red but now its brown colored. It has an open wound in the middle and a red thing is sticking out...After a while it turns into a scab and goes away but my pimple remains.... What is it? BTW i picked on the red part cuz i t
  7. I have this stubborn cyst. It was open and had a white thing, like a whitehead. I tried to pop it but failed..Instead the inside/red thing stuck out...this happened two times already! I don't want to scar, so what should i do? I put neosporin on the wound the second time...
  8. Do they work on a cyst/ under the skin pimples? I have one, and it isn't painful or anything. It's just kinda open and theres some white in the opening...
  9. 1. try taking fish oil (recently research shows that they have a lot more pcbs then expected, so do some research and check which brands have the least amount). fish oil helps a lot with cystic acne. also good for mental health, which is what you need since you're stressed out 2. take zinc (also, do research to see how much is ok. zinc is a mineral, not a vitamin, so you gotta be careful here). zinc is really good for acne too 3. eat healthy. this is important! no greasy, fatty, or sugary food
  10. your cyst wont shrink until the "core" pops out. you'll know when it does, it's nasty.
  11. nah, i never used any type of painkiller before, even though i have pain or am severely sore. im only gonna use it when i have a cyst, which is becoming rarer by the moment thanks to accutane
  12. do you know how much ibuprofen i can take w/o it being unhealthy? i'm taking 1 a day (200mg) but it would be great if i can increase the amount i take per day...i just want this thing to completely be gone before my vacation so i dont have to worry about it
  13. Hey, a few wks back i had an expanding pimple that was going to grow really big (im in the middle of accutane btw). so i got a cortisone shot and it shrunk. but it grew into a really monster cyst later and i got another cortisone shot and it shrunk. but it started to get really big....nothing ever worked for me, benzol peroxide, sacyclic acid, tea tree oil or toothpaste or ice...so i made my own mix and it works! i recommend you try it! 1. take fish oil (btw, read 'bout the pcbs) 2. take zinc 3
  14. if it were a regular pimple, i would suggest using benzol peroxide or saclycic (i dont know how to spell it) acid, but a cyst is totally different. you can give it a try though. or you can try neosporin, but you shouldn't use it that much or your skin will start resisting it. i have a cyst right now, and the battle is a standstill (when usually its just wins) b/c im trying this: 1) take fish oil 2) zinc 3)ibuprofen like wynn said and also i made my own "topical". i blended cucumbers, aloe ver
  15. Good news! Finally my urethra isnt blood red anymore and doesnt seem irritated!! Those who have this problem, aquaphor or vaseline does the trick! And wear loose clothing and dont run until it heals Now, i gotta deal with my butt