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  1. Hi can anyone refer me to a good doctor In or around Boston to do Subsicion and Tca cross for me? I need a doctor that knows what they are doing and will not mess up my face more!
  2. Can you guys please tell me who are some of the best acne scar Dermatologist in the united states. Preferably on the east coast near west Virginia, but I will travel wherever in the united states if they are good for me. I need tca cross and Subcision. I am finally going to get treatments and hopefully it helps. I will raise any amount of money and put everything into this. because this is the only thing that I care about
  3. Can any body refer me to a doctor near me for treatment. I am in west virginia
  4. am i any bettet with longer hair. as you can see the first picture is the bike accident which is where my troubles began. say if i subcise the chin. will i just not be able to see it anymore?
  5. it is good to hear that but how can you not see the indents in the pictures above
  6. more pictures the one on my chin pisses me off
  7. here you can see thr scars as you can see i am pissed has anything worked for you?
  8. yeah i think you are talking about someone else. i am pretty respectful. that comment was just a joke not meant to hurt anybody. i dont troll anybody. i understand what they are going through
  9. that was a bad picture of me. i have the scars in that picture. im just trying to show how one side is lower because of the scar under my eye. that scar is bad. are you saying im ugly regardless and that is actually my problem? shit
  10. I will never make peace. My skin was perfect. My looks were perfect and. Now its ruined. Everyday I obsess for past 3 years. I stopped everuthing I cant film myself.