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  1. Hi can anyone refer me to a good doctor In or around Boston to do Subsicion and Tca cross for me? I need a doctor that knows what they are doing and will not mess up my face more!
  2. Can any body refer me to a doctor near me for treatment. I am in west virginia
  3. it is good to hear that but how can you not see the indents in the pictures above
  4. more pictures the one on my chin pisses me off
  5. When you have plans and ambitions then you get acne scars...... I fucking hate myself
  6. Is it possible that it looks so bad to me because I am looking so close at it?? Maybe the distance others see me at they cannot see the scars? I look in one mirrior and im like I am so sexy dam god made me nice yummy. Then I look in another mirrior nd im like wtf!!! My face!!!
  7. Can I get rid of the scar in my chin completely. My family thinks im insanle now ive been in a mental hospital these scars run my life. I think if I had no scars I would be wealthy and always be going after girls. Because I think im really attractive almost perfect but now the scars ruin everything
  8. Bumping this thread. I still never got any treatment. Anymore input please??
  9. So it can't do any harm to my face right? I have a red dot on my nose that has been. Their for like 6 years from. A black head.how can I get rid of it ??
  10. Thanks for the advice, by MD you mean micro dermabrasion? My dermatologist recommended that to me today. Thanks for the additional advice. Would you say that the scar under my eye is definately a canadate for subcision? It is from a bike accident not acne. Do you happen to know what type if scar it is? I want do some full TCA peels at home. What is a good TCA to buy?
  11. .(Link Removed by Moderator) Is this any good? I don't have that much funding right now.