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  1. i say go sunless. tanning is horrible for your skin in the long run, worse for people with fair skin. and with bp, you have a risk of hyperpigmentation, which takes forever to get rid of. there are many good sunless tanners, Coppertone Oil Free in Medium/Dark is good for acne prone skin. Clinique Dark Untinted is good, gives u a dark tan. Neutrogena makes a facial tanner. Self-tanning the face is really easy, only takes a few minutes. Whatever u do, do not go to tanning beds. u can check out s
  2. same exact situation here. i am on week 9, and i don't see anything clearing up. as a matter of fact it seemed to be working the first couple of weeks, helped with my blackheads etc, but now, for the last month or so it hasn't really done anything. my skin isn't worse, but it's not better either. i decided to give myself till the 12th week mark, and if nothing magical has happened by then, i might give up. such a bummer, it seemed like it was working so well in the beginning, and then bam, it st
  3. i second the Au Courant. Coppertone oil free is really good too. i use it all the time, never had a problem with it.
  4. well, i am not on anything other than differin at the moment, no antibiotics or anything. i'd rather try solve this acne issue with topical treatments. i just wash my face with a mild cleanser, then apply the gel. i guess i'll take the advice u guys gave me and go for an application of SA in the mornings. it's just that i'm sorta sad to be breaking out now, on week 7. it seems really late to be having an initial breakout.
  5. hi, i don't know what Botchla's regimen is, but my derm had told me that AHA's BHA's(salycic acid) need to be left on the skin to be effective, so washes that contain SA don't really do that much. i think if u want to ad SA to your routine you should use a gel or cream that contains SA as opposed to a wash. just my two cents...
  6. so i'm only week 7 of differin, and till now, it seemed to be going great, consistently less pimples etc. i wasn't 100percent clear, but it was very much under control. then bam, i have 5 new active pimples all of a sudden. has anyone had this, so late in the game? i expected the initial breakout around week 2, but 7? please let me know what your experience with this. i'd so like this to work. and while we're at it. has anyone used this with the regimen? like bp in the morning, differin at nigh
  7. thx for the reply. but i think i have a really high tolerance level, it never made me red or anything. so if it's just for irritation purposes, i guess i could just go on and use it right away? and it'll still work fine?
  8. i've done a search and couldn't really find an answer to this question? what's the point of waiting 10 minutes after u wash your face. i mean i understand we're waiting to wait for it to dry, but how bad is it to just use a towel. i'd be happy to wait, but i have to get to work and really don't have the time in the mornings. am i really losing efficiency by towel drying my face? thx