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  1. Hi! I got your note on my page. It's awful to have bad skin at this age. My skin wasn't bad in high school either. Maybe a stray pimple here or there. But once I hit my 30's, my skin decided to rebel. I never knew until now how bad skin can control your life. If you BC doesn't work for you, I'm really liking what Accutane has done for me so far and it could be an opti

  2. I'm in the same boat.......... 37 with adult acne !! I had BEAUTIFUL skin in high school, now this ! I've heard it's my way of releasing toxins. Instead of being overweight I get acne. It's HORRIBLE to have this !! I'm going on BC next cycle. I was on this in HS, maybe that's why I was clear ??

  3. Thanks for your replies so far everyone. This Saturday will mark 21 days that I haven't had ANY chocolate, refined sugar, wheat breat (although I eat Ezekiel bread-----which is supposed to be fine since it's a living food and sprouted.....and some other reasons I can't explain off the top of my head) , cheese, fried foods, cooked tomatoes, etc. What HAVE I been eating : brown rice with a LITTLE tamari (the soy sauce is bad for acne due to the idodine), salads with turkey-pumpkin seeds, pears
  4. I have been tested for food allergies (both skin and the ELISA blood test) and everything came back negative. I have experimented with the Bood Type Diet and not eating chocolate, sugar, etc. This seems to limit exactly what I CAN eat.....it get's frustrating, however when I do follow certain guidelines.......my face does seem to clear up. However, I wonder what things I might be restricting that I could actually be eating. That is the reason I did the food allergy testing. In the end, the t
  5. I actually stopped taking this after about a month. I didn't notice any difference.
  6. Be careful. I just shelled out almost $500 to get tested for a ton of foods via blood test, plus the allergist also did the 80 needles in the back testing for pets, pollen, etc. Before he sent me to the Lab for the RAST test he warned me 1) Insurance might not cover it and 2) It might not show ANY allergies and be a waste of money. My case was #2- insurance DID cover it (but I forgot about my $600 yearly deductible to meet first...YIKES) - but the results were I am not allergic to ANYTHING !!!!
  7. So I have been struggling with acne again. I went off birth control back in December and think this is why the acne has started up again. Or maybe it's stress again. Who knows. I did the Master Cleanse for 12 days (no food for 12 days !! Only a lemonade-cayenne pepper-maple syrup and filtered water drink ) and my face got a lot better, old acne cleared up, no new spots forming. Went back to food again (this time no Hooters Wings and Ding Dongs......I ate no chocolate or greasy foods, mostly fr
  8. That Cornsilk stuff is AWESOME !!! I have just tried out MAC and Bare Escentuals and I am going to go back to Cornsilk. Cornsilk made my skin stay more matte throughout the day. Also, I don't know which make-up is to blame (since I did MAC and Bare Escentuals back to back this week) but I have new tiny pimples that I noticed on my cheeks !! I usually only have gotten the large cyst like ones before (my signature acne) and haven't had little ones like this in a long, long time - being on the
  9. Boon -Thanks for the compliment ! Hummmmmmmmmm..........I haven't heard of that product for red scars. I will have to check into it. Thanks for the tip !! So, update on the Biore' wash and scrub............I STILL LOVE THEM ! My face feels so amazingly clean after I wash. It has a pink "glow" now after cleansing with both. Too bad the red spots distract from the new freshly cleaned skin. I totally recommend the Biore' products if anyone has had dryness using the Cetaphil cleanser with T
  10. I had just been using Cornsilk pressed power occassionally to minimize my red scars, but decided to try more coverage and bought a ton (full face, except lips) of MAC products last night. I had to go back twice to get different foundation colors (First NC35 and then C2 - I think) and it still didn't match my skin tone. The woman at the store said the foundation may have oxidized with my face after awhile. The pics attached were shot after wearing Studio Fix and Studio Finish concealer all day
  11. I still love the original blue #2 - but it sounds like that has been totally taken out of the equation............... I'm not too fond of the generic black and white designs for some reason. I think an all over color on the tube looks best. In fact that's one of the reasons I decided to try the new Biore' face wash and scrub..........it comes in a pretty light green bottle. It's different from other bottles. So many products come in a white base with colors on it at the store it seems. I
  12. Hey everyone, Thanks for the responses everyone... I wasn't looking for a solution to the hair problem, but thanks for your hair removal suggestions. I was just wondering if anyone else out there had noticed that baby fine hair near the sides of their face were bleached by bp too. Again, it's not that noticeable on me..........unless you are right in my face. I've attached a pic showing an extreme close up of the face to show you what I am talking about. I'm not going to do anything about i