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  1. As long as the solution is strong enough to frost, I don't think one needs an exact 100% mix, or do they? From what I've read, seems like a solution 85% and up (more towards 90%+) would be sufficient enough to promote enough damage for collagen regeneration. Then, those kits wouldn't be so bad after all..?
  2. Does anybody know if Yavonae skincare (www.tcapeels.com) is a trustworthy seller for tca? Majority of the people seem to be purchasing it from perfectcomplexion.net or makeupartistschoice.com, but I'd rather get a set of 100, 50, and 25% rather than a single 100% kit. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the replies! I have decided not to continue with Loestrin 24 Fe because I'm realizing my hair is falling out more than normal. Shedding rate is not as bad as the really severe cases I've read because I normally don't shed much, but I am losing lots of hair daily and it's the worst when I wash it. This is the only side effect of bcp for me so far. I guess the androgencity of Loestrin is too strong for me? For those considering Loestrin or stopping bcp, hair thinning/loss is a side e
  4. lipslikesugar22-Glad to hear your skin is still adjusting well! As for the irregular periods, has your doctor recommended any natural supplements/remedies to help with the process? I've read fish oil and peppermint/spearmint tea help with balancing hormones. What's your take?
  5. gMARIAs-Then, does that mean peppermint tea might be helpful for those experiencing hair loss or thinning from bcp and other issues?
  6. lipslikesugar22-Seems like you're doing pretty well without the pill so far. I hope your progress continues. Quick question: If you've been on the pill for a shorter time, will it be easier for your body to adjust back to normal?
  7. 3xacharm-Thanks for the reply. I heard that certain supplements and topical treatments will help with the breakouts when trying to get off the pill. Have you tried any of those methods? I heard fish oil has some hormone regulating effects.. I just finished my 2nd pack. I'm considering not taking my 3rd pack or quitting after the 3rd. If you've been on the pill for a shorter period, would the side effects be less severe?
  8. If the bcp doesn't cause any mood changes, and your body actually feels better on it, is there a reason to stop the pill? I was just wondering if the pill made you guys feel not so great because it wasn't the right one for you, or are your bad experiences what eventually happens to people on bcp in the long run? Just a little confused because I was told it was actually good for women if taken... (although I do agree taking synthetic hormones couldn't be the greatest thing for you..) Thanks for
  9. How long after taking the bcp did you guys start shedding more? I started noticing more shedding, especially while shampooing, after about 1.5 months of starting the bcp (I take Loestrin 24fe), which is about 1 or 2 weeks ago. I also started taking 1-2g fish oil last week, and cut down my ampicillin intake by half 2 weeks ago. Would you consider the bcp the cause of my hair shedding? Thanks!
  10. Snowlily-Thanks for the Mederma scar treatment answered. I've read that Mederma acts more like a filler, rather than actually making the scar disappear. So if you stop using it for several months, your scar will go back. I hope that's not true. As for weaning off antibiotics, I'm also doing that right now with the ampicillin (1000g to 500g). I haven't had any breakouts for reducing my intake, but I'm also on bcp. Also, I started fish oil daily same day I decided to do 500g per day. Snowlily-Ho
  11. Thanks all for the replies! I guess the best thing to do is exfoliate once in awhile to get rid of that flakey look, and keep moisturized afterwards.
  12. Pinkscarlett-I use Cerave lotion, and then Cerave cream for the severely dry spots. I was just wondering if we should completely stay flake free, or let some flake happen for retinoid treatment.
  13. This is an old/common asian home remedy; it may or maynot break you out. Slice up cucumbers reaaally thin so it sticks to your face; mandolin slicer is easiest to use. Apply all over your face, and take it off after 15-20 minutes. Pat your face dry, or you can gently rinse with water. Cucumbers are known to help with red marks and redness in general, and you'll notice your complexion brightens up (has a slight whitening effect). Just don't keep it on beyond 15-20 minutes thinking you'll get
  14. Should you let your skin peel/flake a bit, or make sure your face is always constantly moisturized so you see no flakes? If the retinoid makes you flake to help you with red marks/scars, will it not help in that way if you never flake? FYI, I do moisturize, but 1 application isn't enough to keep my face from peeling. Not sure if I should constantly apply moisturizer throughout the day to hide the flakes, or just let it be since I am moisturizing?
  15. Yea, if I know for sure that those 2 or 3 products work, it definitely sounds safe and comforting to stick with it. I mean, the retinoid is supposedly good for anti-aging (although I'm scared of the side effects I've read). The only reason why I'd think of switching is because my skin seems to have a hard time trying to adjust to it because it is very sensitive. Too drying/flakey. I hope the flaking eventually goes away and my face gets less dry after longer use. Snowlily-What kind of scar gel