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  1. Fraz_2010


    I take around 50mgs per day, but i'm thinking of cutting it back to around 30 due to the odd dizzy spell.
  2. You think it may be possible that your acne is connected to your poor liver index? Perhaps you need to work on improving your liver function, rather than taking accutane?
  3. Been too busy to update yesterday. Will update later on today.
  4. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Skin needs hydration from the inside out as well.
  5. You actually have pretty good skin considering the circumstances. If that's as bad as your scars look directly under light, then i'd say you're actually quite fortunate. They don't look that deep at all and could be drastically improved with the right chemical peels.
  6. Nothing wrong with it. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. The look suits some people even if you don't like the look personally.
  7. If you read some of the links, it actually the opposite. testosterone levels increase after not decrease afterwards I'm not sure what links you are referring to, but testosterone levels decrease after intercourse. If they didn't, your sex drive would increase after sex, rather than decrease.
  8. Ok guys, so i'm attempting a log to monitor how my skin changes over the course of a couple of months. I've just started taking 50mgs of zinc a day, pro biotics and i'm going to try and keep vitamin e oil on my face as often as possible. (So whenever i'm the house really). I will also be avoiding dairy, gluten and refined sugars in my diet. Sticking to fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as wholesome foods like fish and chicken. I'll try to keep the thread up to date each day with an updated im
  9. Acne can be triggered by high levels of estrogen in the body. This occurs when testosterone levels are lower than normal. Testosterone can drop significantly straight after sex, causing a spike in estrogen levels. Should you avoid sex? I wouldn't say so. Try taking a supplement that helps your body to naturally produce more testosterone. Maca works pretty well.
  10. Avoid dairy, gluten and refined sugars in your diet. Get good quality pro biotic and zinc supplements. I don't care what any health practitioner says, acne is 100% connected to gut and liver function. When these aren't operating to their full capacity, much of the toxins are eliminated through the skin instead. Do this and I can guarantee you that you'll have better skin within 4 week than you've had for many years. Also, if you have any scarring issues, apply vitamin e oil to your skin ea
  11. Can the pigment not be restored via tanning? If you have a naturally darker complexion , then your hypopigmentation patches should respond to ultra violet rays.
  12. I have aspergers and I also have rosacea. I believe a lot of it is a result of digestive health issues, which i've recently discovered has a common connection with aspergers and autism in general. Try cutting dairy, gluten and refined sugars out of your diet and start taking pro biotics. This will help to replace the bad bacteria in your gut with good healthy bacteria, which should help your skin in the long run.
  13. You just need to get some game about you. Get a nice hair style, get your ear pierced, get a nice watch, a cool ring for your finger, buy some funny t-shirts. Get good deodorant and some nice aftershave. Keep yourself well groomed. You don't need to spend a fortune, but women dig guys that look like they invest in themselves. The better you can make yourself feel about yourself, the better women will feel about you.
  14. I'm a 27 year old guy and have never even been on a single date. The only time women glance at me is when they're giving me the "what's wrong with your face" look. I work out 3-4 times a week. I eat healthy, avoiding all gluten, dairy and refined sugars. I have pits and open pores all over my nose and cheeks, as well as red and dark marks all over them. I go to bed every night with my face drenched in vitamin e oil, hoping one day, the scars will start to show some signs of fading away. I do
  15. Can't we just accept that when we die, thats it? So we best make the most of our lives now?