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  1. Hey all, I started the regimen last week and i'm doing it on a daily basis, twice a day. I noticed that it's made my acne at least 3 times as worse compared to what it looked like before the regimen. Is this maybe normal when you first get on it? Should I stop it? What do you all think? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I've had Mild acne on and off for years. Currently, a bunch has come back on my face and back. Usually, my face clears up with time, but my back takes forever. I would like to follow a daily routine to eliminate acne and avoid it in the future. I read the Regimen and it looks great and easy to follow...so I'm thinking about grabbing the products and starting it ASAP. The biggest issues is that I don't know WHAT is causing it to keep coming back because of the rapid lifestyle change