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  1. Your face looks SO Great in your post accutane pic (from the first time). Did you have any hyper pigmentation? It doesn't look like you sarred at all. I am mostly worried about scarring. Have been on accutane three weeks so far, only 20 mg, next month I am bumping up. Good luck! PS> where did you find your info on eastern use of accutane? Thanks!
  2. Wanted to write on here and let everyone know that I got a food allergy test done. Before you go on the candida diet, I would HIGHLY reccomend getting a food allergy/sensitivty test done. The things that my body is most sensitive to right now: -Eggs (!!!!) -Almonds (!!!!) -Wheat -Oats -Papaya/Mango -Dairy (like duh) It's pretty interesting really because eggs have been one of the foods I considered "safe" because of the candida research I had done. I was also addicted to almonds. I am fair
  3. The reason I am worried about is because my face has been clearing up a lot over the past couple weeks- mostly because of diet and supplements, I think. My body may finally be transitioned back from being on night shift (which I did for five months) as well. I also increased my fish oil intake in order to help prepare to go on accutane. I only have one active pimple right now, all the rest of them are on their way out which is a miracle. Of course I still have a plethora of marks decorating
  4. Actually, I have broke out from lip balm-- I think. Also eating large amounts of salty foods DEFINELTY breaks me out around my mouth. Did you eat anything abnormal? Good luck, pup!
  5. MMMM... sucky! I think you are right though about pretending that you are not on it. The mind creates SO much of what happens in the body. I am having faith/believing and living like I will NOT have an IB, but am prepared for if I do. I have around 3 inflamed pimples right now, and a little bumps. I am sure that a bad break out would be much like what happens to me when I eat chocolate and candy (HUGE breakout, so I don't do it anymore yaya). Thanks for your input, much appreciated.
  6. Hey There I am not sure if I am going to be able to side step the inital breakout completely... It seems to me from reading that some people get it no matter what (even on a low dose...) However, I have read that starting slow and gradually increasing might help to prevent a horrible IB. Then, you have to deal with the possibility of getting an IB each time you increase your dose, which may or may not happen, depending on how acclimated your body is to the meds? This is how I understand it,
  7. Hey There Did you have an IB very badly when you first started accutane? Sorry, I have read some of your log but not all of it, and I know some people do get a bad initial reaction and was wondering what your experience was.
  8. So, I am finallllllly starting accutane today, actually claravis since accutane is not on the market. So, I will be picking up my first prescription today. I am starting at 20 mg/day for the first month. I know this is really low, but I had talked with my derm about avoiding some of the IB. He said my options were to either go on pregnisone (sp?) to prevent the breakout or to start out on a very low dose and then gradually increase. So, for the first month I will be on 20, the next month 4
  9. Ill have been on accutane nearly 2 months as of next week.. and seriously.. so far... its been the best decision ive made in over 2 years. dont stress! Im nearly clear, i have like 2-3 actives, and they arent inflamed. they are small and insignificant as opposed to the massive inflamed ones i used to get which leave horrible marks. im on 40mg, and yes, my lips are dry as! .. applying lip balm nearly every hour or 2.. but other than that, its been great. Kissing sucks though! haha. minor ba
  10. Just to let you know you cannot use WikiPedia as a reference in an arguement. I'm just saying Haha I agree with you! I have read the info on lower doses else where, I am not sure where, but it does make sense that a lower dose would have less of an impact on your body, and hypothetically, a lower risk of side effects.
  11. your log is the best! you seem like a very fun and alive person~! i am anxious to see how things keep up for you. good luck!
  12. Only 5 more days until I start accutane-- somehow, I feel less nervous scared (which is a good thing). Ikind of feel like this is my only option, and I am o.k. with that. If you ask around, it is so easy to find people who have gone on accutane and have not had any problems with it, only success. I have talked to so many people lately who have said, oh my husband went on that and was fine, his acne is gone... or, my friend went on that, and she was fine, her acne is gone. If anything, I am t
  13. You were right, the rice cakes were the trigger. I was probably eating too many of them. I have cut them out completely, and the large breakouts have lessened, however, I am still getting small breakouts here and there, mostly in old scar spots which is lovely. I don't have a computer right now, so my access is spotty at best! :-D. Kind of has been good for me as I have been focused more on knitting, exercising, and sewing projects. My skin is still getting me down, but a few good things:
  14. Hey I am curious about your dose. I have actually read about people taking a smaller amount like this for a longer period of time, and it does ward off side effects (or so I read). To me, if you take 10 mg/day for 14 months, or 40 mg/day for five months, the only difference really is that it is spread out more over time. When people respond to you saying it is so low, I wonder if they know that Accutane is just a concentrated dose of Vit A? I mean, technically speaking, overdosing on Vi