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  1. thats sewww poo, its summer! its suppose to be good =P and over time ye hopefully it will! it worsens at first though ( like all acne products ) but i wish for you the best!

  2. i know exactly what you mean about being depressed for so long you cant feel good emotions anymore. now the only emotions i feel are the ones in my name.
  3. yeah have you tried accutane? not even a single pitted scars? if so im amazed! nah i dont have severe acne or scars. blessed, no accutane is needed. not 1 scar yet.. been 5-6 years with acne i dont know why im not scarring yet.. i do pop the head maybe the way im doing it is not making it scar.. (make the head pop then water off the oil and pus then leave it to dry out) that was the most disgusting explanation i have ever heard.
  4. my mom says the same thing man she just doesnt get how much acne affects me. she always asks me "why have you stayed inside all summer" and im just like look at my face woman... and her response is always "stop using acne as an excuse, you're just an anti-social person!" i literally get so mad that my stomach hurts when she says things like that. its like she doesnt even remember who i was before i got acne. in some ways, im forgetting too...
  5. acne itself is unattractive. acne alone wont make someone look unattractive (depending on severity of course), but it does make someone less attractive than they would be without acne. argue all you want, that is the fact.
  6. just hide it and when you use it run into the woods. if anyone asks you were using the bathroom
  7. i know what u mean man. the worst part about my marks is theyve been there for like 2 years and havnt faded a bit no matter what i do, and i still get plenty more acne each day so they keep multiplying on my face
  8. not sure if my comment showed u?

  9. pretty terrible atm lol (what a surprise) but hopefully it will improve soon since im about to get on accutane next week. wbu?

  10. i dont even watch movies anymore because its so depressing. especially movies about high school and college and parties and stuff like that. you never see anyone without perfect skin in those movies. i may watch that jona hex movie since his skin is almost as bad as mine.