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  1. same here, i was perscribed doryx and ziana about three weeks ago and i had the ugly initial breakout during the first two weeks. things are looking better now, though. i've also read others post about the initial results from doryx weren't that impressive, but everything slowly improved.
  2. Listen to what I'm trying to tell you: it's not a SCIENTIFICALLY CORRECT term for pantothenic acid, generic or otherwise. It's something made-up by lay people, just like the terms "pee-pee", "schlong", "johnson", "rod", "unit", etc., aren't SCIENTIFICALLY CORRECT terms for "penis". I think you should use accurate scientific terminology on a site like this. . so what you're trying to say is we shouldn't call vitamin b5, "vitamin b5"? hrm, on an unrelated note i think i forgot to ta
  3. i've had the exact same thing happen everytime i try either a multi-vitamin (with b) or a b-complex. and once i stop supplementing with b-vitamins my acne very quickly improves. i don't know which b-vitamin it is exactly that causes acne for me -- b-12 i've read might be it. in any case, it kind of sucks because the other benefits of a b-complex supplement are really nice.
  4. note: i'm not following this regimen specifically but i thought i should add my experience with zinc. zinc for me proved to be "the cure." or at least it was the last step in my acne's cure. i should also note that prior to adding zinc to my daily supplements i had already been taking vitamin d for a while. now that i am on zinc, i also supplement iron and copper at the opposite end of the day. to give everyone an idea of how drastic my imrovement was, i had been on two strong topical antibiot
  5. how should one go about applying bp and moisturizer when in a rush in the morning... are there adverse effects to just doing it all in a quick 2 minutes or is it just less effective? maybe a silly question but i'm still curious.