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  1. Well there were a few that worked for me, but in the back of my head I think that if buy some OTC stuff my acne is gonna comeback with a bad breakout. Gah...
  2. Well I aint feeling to bad about it, aside from the tiny red spots I have on my face its ok.
  3. So would I, I wasted so many chances to do something about it and when I finally decided it was too late and had to go on accutane.

  4. hi, I wish I could Time Travel back to when I was about 18...would do sooo many things differently. Like try to fix m acne early among others...

  5. I dont where to post this so I'll make this here since it deals with accutane, so last September I finished my 6 month regimen from accutane and for the next 5 to 6 months I was clear from my face and back. But as of late it looks like its starting to comeback once again however I havent had that major break out, just some like tiny red spots that just pop up on my face and back, now I havent been to the derm since this past January, however I have been pondering to return again but because I ha
  6. yeah, maybe we'll catch each other on windows. haha -- you're much more positive about the lakers than i am, i see. i couldn't believe the game 2day vs miami. take care, mr : )

  7. Lol well you never know XD. But yea lets chat sometime, since who knows when I'll be back on this site again, maybe another 5 months lol.

  8. haha for reals! they r FINALLY hitting the gas pedal. you said the complete truth about that. i still don't think they're gonna win this yr. so you want me to hit you up some time? k .. i'll try fellow LBC dweller. lol later!

  9. So it's roughly about 5 1/2 months since Ive finished my course, and I have to say everything has been great I havent had a pimple since around this time last year ( well a get a small one every now and then but I think thats stress related and it dont last long ) I just thought I'd drop by thank every single person who wished me luck on my journey all the way till the end, you helped me get through this, so I have deep appreciation for all you guys. I hope all of you have had the same great su
  10. So it's roughly about 5 1/2 months since Ive finished my course, and I have to say everything has been great I havent had a pimple since around this time last year (although I get one every now and then but I dont even count it as a pimple since theyre very small and are gone within 2 days but only get them when im stressed out ). My life has completely turned around for the best thanks to accutane, this medicine works. I was blessed not to have the severe side effects I had always heard about.
  11. Wooo Im am done ! Wanna thank EVERYONE on this site, you guys really helped me get through this so thanks everyone ! I hope My story like everyone else's is an inspiration and proof that this drug works.
  12. Good luck. But Im with anymourproblems. 14 mo. is too long imo , where did you get it from?
  13. Yes I am done!! How is your course coming along? I hope you've made improvement too (: Check my log and see for yourself :) :shifty2: