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  1. This happens to me! like you said im not sure if its flakes of skin or, bp and moisturizer. It is annoying to say the least, what can I do? maybe I should wait the full 15 min, I think I am going to try that?
  2. Same thing was happening to me jsut stick with it It will go away at like the one month mark, or you could always try a new moisturizer, but you will probably have the same result. One thing that helped me is ( wait until like the month mark) is using the AHA as my night time moisturizer. stay clear!
  3. The situation is that about a week ago, I realized I was doing the regimen incorrectly : (. Lucky I caught it because I was getting little to no results. Feeling revitalized I bought some AHA+ form DAN! And boy I am amazed. For those of you who are having extremely dry skin to the point where it is peeling- I recommend trying what I did. Buy the AHA and use it as you nightly moisturizer! I have seen no peeling and it has been half a week! So just a quick update for the slim possibility
  4. I have to agree with you, for those of us with an uncanny addiction to the "sweet stuff" the road to clear skin is much more difficult. I find that the best thing to do, is to simply not buy them. It is much easier to resist buying sugary items than it is to resist eating them!Kizer,
  5. Kizer

    Real Deal

  6. To anyone actually following my blog, which is so rad and everyone should, I apologize for the lack of updates here in the past week. I think life sometimes just throws some surprises at us, to say the least I was busy. With the moving out, finishing my freshmen year in college, and even getting my first internship. A long week, but full of the excitement that only living life to the fullest can bring. Anyway lets move away from this and one to acne and my progress on The Regimen. Overall, I
  7. I am not an expert, but those look to be "acne scars" Usually these scars are caused by picking/popping/messing with acne on your face. This might explain why they do not come to a "head" and also why they last such a long time. Most scaring will usually fade after some time, usually an extended period because the skin has to heal. Hope this was helpful.
  8. Kizer

    Day 2!

    So today I completed the dreaded task of shaving. Agh! Shaving with acne on your face does not feel great. But, I must say that shaving with the Acne.org cleanser was a good experience. No nicks or cuts, which usually happens to me. I must admit that I did not apply BP this morning because I wanted my skin to recover a bit, but I will apply BP tonight. As for how my face felt throughout the today, it feels good. Although after a 7 hours or so the lotion seemed to wear off and I felt a bit
  9. Kizer

    Day 1 Acne.org Treatment

    Thanks for the reply, my first one ever in fact! Yea the stinging seems to start as soon as i put on the moisturizer. Maybe I am not rubbing things in well enough? I will definitely be doing some experimenting to develop a process which works best for me.How is your progress with the Regimen? Good result I hope?Kizer
  10. Acne, for those who do not struggle with condition, I am forever envious! Unfortunately I have been living with acne since about age 13. Even more unfortunate is the fact that it has gotten progressively worse. I am 18 now. I have tried .01% Tretinion, and my face did in fact get better. After a while even the Tretionoin stopped working and the breakouts came back, with a vengeance. I am here now and ready to try the Acne.org treatment, I am skeptical, but secretly hoping for the best. Li