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Stilletos and Cigarettes

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  1. Stilletos and Cigarettes

    Smoother complexion Tighter and cleaner pores Lessens redness in skin tone ...You're putting yogurt on your face...of course, it feels funny When I first heard about this remedy all I could think of was the word: BREAKOUT Then I read up on the effects of yogurt as a skin mask. -The live cultures clean out your pores -Depending on the fat content of the product it can also hydrate your skin (more fat=more water retention) -The lactic acid is a natural exfoliat
  2. BP - wait - moisturize (ESP in the cracks of your nose. This will allow the BP time to dry & work into your skin. But seriously, try adding lemon juice sometime... It's cheap & what do u have to lose?
  3. I used to have the same problem, believe me I posted post after post to try & find some answers. I've had tiny white heads that cover my nose since before I had an acne problem. I remedied this by using lemon juice on my nose almost everyday & leaving it one for about half an hour (i heard it worked and was willing to try anything) it burns slightly at first but it's lemon juice I wouldn't expect less. Then i'd continue w/ my regimen focusing more BP on my nose. This has helped tremendou
  4. HaHa Snake Skin?!? I've never heard of such a thing! I do agree about the simple things. I've kind of fallen off the healthy eating wagon for a few weeks since I've been on vacation and my skin can definitely show off that fact. Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated.
  5. Thank you so much for clearing some of my exfoliating confusion up. I'll have to try some of these out and follow up with you. Thanks AGAIN!
  6. I've heard that Zeno is a good treatment for acne like that, though since it's a heat treatment it will leave red marks in it's place for a certain period of time. Also acne found around your mouth is known to be typically caused by stress or smoking. Lastly, have you tried any spot treatments?
  7. Ever since I began breaking out I've tried to exfoliate atleast once a week w/ different products.it all began with Neutragenas exfoliating system but at the time I felt it was too pricey. Then I went to a sea salt scrub which turned out to be obviously too harsh on my skin. Then I went to a sugar scrub by St Ives because I like the feeling of it afterwards, but of course it's too greasy. I'd like to find a good exfoliant product for my face & mix it in with my routine. I notice when I do i
  8. I want to know what I want. I want to have the ability to look at everyone with open arms (even those who have hurt me) I want to live and feel the exhilaration of being ALIVE. I want to continue to train my puppy, succeed in my job and eventually go back to school to do something I truly feel passionate about every day. I want the simple things to mean as much as I feel the big things mean to me now. I want to be able to let go and push myself while continuing to love myself in my down fa
  9. I've always had somewhat moderate acne but never broke out on my cheeks until the past 6 months. Once I started the Acne.org Regimen my skin has improved dramatically but I still break out on my left cheek for some reason. I thought "maybe my cell phone?"..."no, I place that on my right cheek". I thought "maybe I sleep on my left side more often than my right"..."but I tend to fall asleep on my right side..wtf?" Now I think it may possibly be because I rest on my boy friend's chest on that si
  10. RED FLAG: Your Stress Level. From what I've experienced and from what I can share with you, all I can say is take several moments to take some deep breaths. I was deployed to Iraq recently, and not only was the location and the hygiene conditions terrible for my already moderate acne, so was the strain of a relationship I was trying to keep together while i was gone. As much as stress seems like it won't physically hurt you, it does tremendously if you don't acknowledge it. Once I came home a
  11. In the past I've used Neurragenas cream cleanser along with other product from them before my acne broke out, butbive always had these pimples on my nose. Then I began using practic for about 2 years which never really helped my skin but made it "maintainable". Then I just went to a soap regimen which obviously was a bad idea. I tried those Ponds strips to focus on my nose but they are not meant for white heads. Lastly I've begun the Acne.org regimen, which has helped quite a bit & I believe
  12. I've had multiple whiteheads on my nose since I can remember & it my nose looks like a strawberry. Every regimen I've ever used has dome nothing for it, and I really don't know what causes it. I'm in need of some advce on this matter. Thx!
  13. My nose looks like a strawberry. I've had constant white heads there all my life!