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  1. Day 150 something I have not posted in soooo long! You tend to forget about the website when you have NO ACNE!!! My face has been crystal clear since about my 3rd month. I thing I have had about one cyst in 2 months. It lasted about a week. So short compared to the months the others would last. I dont know when my journey will end. I am currently on 120 mg a day. My body is now used to it. As long as i moisturize, I never get dry. One thing I can say is DO NOT ITCH YOUR ARMS!!! My arms would g
  2. Day #32 Went out of town, so havent written anything for awhile! So first thing, I finally tried this emu oil stuff everyone is raving about. And i gotta say, O my god! I love this stuff!! I got it from Swanson health products for pretty cheap, not much to lose if i didnt like it. I put it in everything. The exzema on my hands, gone! Not just controlled like what the cortizone did, but gone! feels great. So, if you havent tried it, i highly recommend it! I know some people in reviews said it
  3. dont worry too much about breaking out. like most things in life, things must get worse before they get better
  4. remember that not everyone gets bad IBs. If you get it, you get it. If you dont, you dont! dont ever pick at your face. i kept doing that and it got to the point where the only thing bad on my face were from the parts that i had picked at. let the accutane do its thing. your skin will naturally rejuvenate itself and get all the dead flakies off.
  5. thanks for visiting my log! good luck on your course, i shall be watching your progress!
  6. so i tried cream, took the rash away! but i have to use it ALL the time. kinda sucks. did you get your oil yet? i just ordered some emu oil. ill let you know how it goes. hopefully itll help with some of the red little blotchy zit leftovers
  7. Day #26 Lets see.... In just the past day my left side has settled down dramatically. No raised bumpies at all. My right side is clearing up pretty fast as well. I think its because i kept makeup off of my face for a couple days and changed my diet!! Diet: I guess you could call it the south beach diet. but i basically only it meat and veggies. No fruit, breads, pastas, rice, dairty (except cheese and eggs) and of course none of the processed junk food stuff. i feel great! I ran out of cor
  8. i love the floating foot in the pic! ahahaha i hear you on the blackheads. Ive NEVER had blackheads before. Other day im sitting in front of the mirror and i can see all my pores!! look closer, and they're all dotted black! im assuming those are blackheads.......
  9. thanks for visiting my log!! ill be keeping up with your progress. im so glad you finally decided to go on accutane. when asked why i looked sunburnt by my flawless skin friends, i just simply told them i was on accutane. their response? "o i took that a couple years ago!" so it just goes to show you that it is way more common than we are meant to believe. acne and accutane. good luck!
  10. good luck on your course! you cant give up now. as you may have read, it seems that EVERYONE gets an initial breakout. it WILL go away, and then youll be perfectly clear. acne sucks. thats why god created isotretinoin. (ok, well he created man which in turn created this magic zit pills) i use aveeno everything. daily scrub, foaming cleanser, and moisturizer. Try the moisturizer if you still havent found one yet. It goes on pretty greasy at first, but it gets everything. Once your skin absorbs
  11. Hi there! Welcome to acne.org! Regarding your question, I am currently taking 80 mg everyday. Take one pill in the morning, and one pill in the evening. I take mine at every 8:00. Trust me, you wont forget!! your going to be so into your treatment, theres no way you can forget!! Best of luck! Dont forget to post some pics!
  12. Day #25 So, my face is definately starting to clear up from that lil mishap. I have noticed that they are lasting way shorter than they used to. Im starting to feel a lil more confident, now that the huge bumps on my face have reduced significantly in size. I still have the same one on the right side of my face, that was joined by a friend, but they are going away. slowly, but still. Well, i finally got me some corizone cream. after many embaressing moments of weird looks when people saw this
  13. Day #20 I jinxed myself. Hello IB. Right side of my face, which is normally the bad side, has stayed pretty good. actually, great. However, the left side of my face and my chin have exploded. I think theres 4 new ones on the chin, and about 4 or 5 on my left side. none are cysts, but their big. the kind that you see sticking out the side of your face when you turn your head. *sigh* id be lying if i said i wasnt upset. i was getting use to the clearer skin, now its back to normal (i guess you
  14. Day #18 Well, lets see....im constantly battling the urge to pick the little dry skin patches off. theyre quite annoying. sad part is, had i just left them all alone, my skin would look great! but no, i keep picking, and the healing process is just taking longer. i really have to stop it! skin got pretty dry this weekend. I cant really put makeup on at all right not. it actually makes everything look worse. cant say that i didnt try though. im learning that as long as i keep everything moistur
  15. looks like everything is drying pretty good. thats great!! keep up the good progress!