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    ...in the quest for the cure to acne. In this day and age, no one should go thru the trauma and emotion distress of acne.

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  1. The best treatments are directed at the scars- hence it is the METHOD rather than the machine. If scars are depressed, a good treatment is use of fillers with subcission. I think lasers are indeed over rated. Sure, if someone has multiple shallow box car scars, than fully ablative TLR (total laser resurfacing) can help, esp in fair skin patients. If you have depressed scars, consider other options such as fillers and subcission. I think a good Specialist for acne scar revision should have
  2. Just a word of advice.... it is always the METHOD of treatment that gives you the best results. Scar revision is based on 3 main factors- skin type ( skin colour), scar type (box car, ice pick, rolling, atrophic, tethered, etc...) and downtime. Emerging treatments from Korea include micro needling and RF ( Radiofrequency). There is a device called INFINI RF that can needle up to 3.5 mm deep, 49 needle per pass. and if 200 shots fired, will equate to 10,000 micro channels. RF heat the dermis and
  3. INFINI and PRP .....could this be a game changer for 2016?

    1. Ang22


      Have seen a couple doctors mention the INFINI on realself.com. Have yet to see any good before and afters! I'm skeptical because the USA dr recommends it for all different kinds of scars and I believe different scars need different methods. Give us some before and afters! We would love to see the results your getting:) 

  4. Agree... needling with INFINI rf - radio frequency. Then TCA CROSS followed by focal fillers. THIS is really bad scarring, so expect an improvement of say 50% with 4-8 treatment sessions. best Davin Lim
  5. I think they are indeed atrophic scars with tethering. So it seems that subcission and focal follicular filling with HA fillers would be the choice. CO2 laser is a good overall treatment, but targeted approaches are the best. Remember its the method, not machine that gives the best outcome. Best Davin Lim
  6. Subcision and dermal filling with a product such as Juvederm ... you do have atrophic scars as well as tethered scars. Some specialists do both in the one session...ie subcise to break the bonds that tie the scar down, and then filler at the same time to fill up the depressed scars. All the best davin lim
  7. Agreed... subcision and a dermal filler such as Volbella (Juvederm). CO2 fractional laser may help with some atrophic scars. Regards Davin
  8. Be patient, subscion takes awhile to work. Collagen remodelling may take a few months before optimal results are seen. DONOT place BPO on the area, as this may lead to irritation. Cheers, Davin Lim
  9. *mod edit* if you see a dermatologist and they re experienced... a good safe and effective modality. Need to repeat every 6 weeks. If its bad, I use A 40, if not A10. Between injections, massage with bio oil every night as hard as you can. Need 3 injections to flatten. See a good dermo and it will improve. Davin Lim Brisbane
  10. ...scarring is so individualized, true that excision for pitted scars give a superior one off result- eg ice pick scar, punch excise 2mm punch ..one stitch, but it will still leave one with a scar- can be remodelled / ablative laser at a later stage. With one treatment for pitted scars or box car scars, excision can be a good one off fix. Consider someone with lets say...type 4 skin- darker skin type. TCA may result in greater PIH ( or hypopigmentaion ) than lets say a linear 1mm scar from a der
  11. Free plug to Urepublic.... Dr Adrian Lim (dermatologist)... he s a colleague of mine and does lots of acne scarring. He really is a guru. Great guy, and will give you the best options available. Tell him Dr Davin Lim referred you ( im a dermo in Brisbane.) NO RELATION. I do TCA cross up in Brisbane, and we both use Fractionated lasers.... You can t go wrong with Adrian 'Sifu' Lim.... Davin Lim
  12. QUOTE Cartwheeling Monkey 'secondly ! why rely only on lasers. Ive getting so many ice pick scars and boxcar scars and am going to get TCA cross done professionally quite a times. mainly cause they will fill in the scars, as I know the lasers wont. then hopefully the laser will smooth it out a bit more. So use a variety of treatments. anyhoo i should be at uni ! so have a great day people. ' Hey CM is absolutely spot on in many respects... It doesn t mean that if you have a laser, then its th
  13. Yes, Dermal Grafting can be successful. I ve done a few cases with Robert in the past. What we do is harvest some dermis form the back of the ear ( denude the epidermis with laser), create slits just on top of the scars, and insert dermis back into the areas. This essentially acts as a long lasting filler. ( your own collagen). Naturally this is long lasting, compared to collagen injections. In summary- long lasting, effective, safe Cons- will leave you with 1 mm linear scars ( slit scars) - t
  14. *moderator edit* this is the formulation I go thru- you ll be surprised how accurate it is. *moderator edit* try to aim for 120-150 mg / kg total culmulative dose to give remission in 80% of individuals - * abit more for severe trunkal acne, or family hx of acne.... OK OK Say you re 70 KG... thus divide by ten , then add 2... thats the number of boxes of Roaccutane you will need. In this case... 70/10 = 7... add 2 = 9 Boxes ( of 20 mg ... 60 caps in abox.) Hence the formula is BODY WEIGHT d
  15. Sorry for the late reply - long overdue but if anyone is wondering about the probs post acne scar revision with ProFractional- here s a few solutions I employ with my Fraxel/ profracional acne scar treatments. 1. I don t usually Fraxel or ProFx anyone until their acne is under excellent control. ( You re chasing your tail...sort out a scar...another one pops up. ) So, bottom line...a good dermo will place your acne in remission first before tacking your acne scarring. IF there are the odd outb