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  1. wow great results i've always wanted to try dermarolling sorry if you have been over it before but how long is the downtime usually?
  2. yeh the pictures almost look photoshopped, i don't know i could be wrong
  3. http://www.slideshare.net/hagar899/airgent...09-presentation thanks will tell you how it goes
  4. um it was the one with pictures of the doctor on the website i cant remember the name but the one with the better looking website.
  5. yeh i was in contact with the same ones you spoke to in melbourne, one of them was pretty helpful, actually called me but it was only the receptionist and i dont think she really knew too much about it. but she did tell me its $1000 for 3 treatments 3 weeks apart and then another treatment 6 months post if neccessary. i might pursue treatments at christmas time maybe but i am in queensland so i dont know. at least the airgent has no downtime that i know of.
  6. hey gimme gimme gimme just wondering if you heard back from those places doing airgent? i spoke to one place and they told me the price and stuff i am considering going for it
  7. yeh there is very few people with perfect skin i was watching tv last night and seriously every show i watched someone had some form of acne scarring i was shocked ha
  8. great thread could u please tell me where you get your dermarollers? thanks
  9. i had a few ipl treatments about a year ago and i have all this hair on my face where i didnt before. like not on my actual beard line but on my upper cheeks its getting pretty bad and people are starting to notice it has anyone else experienced this?
  10. have you seen the show called chuck? the main women in it she had some scars and she is still really pretty
  11. did you see much improvement engineer007
  12. hi chee6119 just wondering if you could send me the link too thanks