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  1. First of all, congrats on taking the first step to clear skin! 1.) Biggest tip I can give you is to start slow! You need to see how your skin reacts to the BP -- even though you stated that you have BP experience, it still doesn't hurt to start slow and work your way up! I didn't start doing the regimine twice a day until around the second or third week I believe! 2.) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! My skin was extra dry when I started the regimine, and the best thing I did was
  2. Glad to hear things are working out of you man! I've never been a fan of accutane for obvious reasons, but it seems like it's working for the most part. You probably already know this, but make sure you are using extra moisturizer now that you are using sudocrem. It usually dries me out if I dont put enough moisturizer. Also, for your skin, have you considered jojoba oil? That stuff is known to help moisturize, and it'll really make your skin feel good. Last question... is your hair st
  3. Hey guys. Since using Dan's regimen my acne has pretty much been under control. However, the only issue I have now besides a pimple or two are these annoying white heads. They don't seem to be going away with the regimen. My question is, what can help to get rid of these white heads? Again, BP does not seem to be helping! Thanks!
  4. I would try it. but I would first doing the following... Apply a small amount of BP in one spot of your skin to see if you are allergic to it (maybe do this for a week.) If you don't get a noticeable rash, then you'll know you are not allergic. I would then start using BP, but again, only use an EXTREMELY small amount and work my way up.
  5. Had the same issue, just with my chin. I solved the problem by using Jojoba oil daily and just rubbing into my neck before I would take a shower - seemed to solve the problem.
  6. Hey Bean, First off I don't have any experience with Accutane, but I did want to comment on this post if that's okay. I do want to say that feeling nervous, scared anxious, ect is extremely normal as you don't want to see your acne return after Accutane. With that said, stress can increase acne so you want to make sure you are doing things to relieve it (exercising, drinking lots of water, eating right, ect.) In addition, a thing to consider once you are done with Accutane would be a regimen
  7. Absolutely not. Whenever you go to the doctor, they are getting paid through your insurance (I'm from the U.S, so it may be slightly different.) So, ultimately, they need patients are else they wouldn't get paid. Stuff like this happens to me all the time where I have a problem, schedule an appointment only to find my problem has been cured BEFORE I go to the doctor. Every time, however, I kept my appointment with my doctor. It's ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry, trust me. Plus, if your
  8. It's advised that you stick to products that are recommended for the regimen, which can be found here: http://www.acne.org/acne-products-guide.html However, what you can do is see how well this soap is working for you and go from there. Hope that helped. :)
  9. For me, I use the Acne.org moisturize, but I don't use anywhere near the 3 pumps that is insisted. Instead, I do 1 and 1/2 pumps and sometimes won't put a extremely thin lining across my face. It moisturizes it pretty well without giving you that shiny/oiley look. (Given, I only do the regimen once a day, so I do not use as much BP as you probably do.)
  10. Hey guys, Haven't been on the site much lately so I decided to make a thread with some details about my acne. Anyway, I started the regimen in March of 2010. Since then, my face has come a long way. When I first started using the regimen, my face would itch like CRAZY. it was insane how badly it would itch and I contemplated quitting it. Luckily, Dan came out with a better moisturizer which really helped with the itchiness (thanks Dan!) After the itchiness problem solved, I started notici
  11. Hey everybody, I recently received my Sudocrem in the mail (since I am from the U.S.) I will be using it tonight and hopefully for the rest of the week. I will give another review on how it is working for me once I see some results, since there haven't been much posts to this thread. Cheers!
  12. Not bad at all. You should be able to get rid of those pimples with some BP. Have you tried Dan's reigmen or any OTC products?
  13. I just noticed this too. The last BP I have gotten has made my skin look AWFUL. I mean, Dan's BP has always made my skin itchy, that has never been an issue. However, my skin has NEVER been this red and irritated in my life. I've been using BP for almost 3 years now and been on the regimine for almost a year. I ordered new BP over the weekend and am contemplating stopping the regimine if the new BP isn't any better. :/
  14. Yeah vitamins are something that won't hurt you. In fact, since I started to take a multi-vitamin I've noticed improvement in my acne. Of course, results may vary with you, but overall it won't hurt you at all!
  15. I have considered scalling down BP, but the problem is whenever I would, my acne would come back. I'm at a point where I have to use a considerable amount of BP or else it will not work. The water thing is a possibility. I'm currently home from college and I usually drink a good amount of water on campus, but I haven't this weekend. With the allergy medicine, I was taking Zyrtec up until a couple weeks ago. I'll try to get some soon. What exactly is a cold compress. Thanks for the tips