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  1. Im so mad/sad about what I have done to my face! I had a decent sized pimple on the side of my face, parallel to my nose, and of course i couldn't resist the urge to pop it. It was a little red after because i had used 2 knuckles to squeeze and pop it, but no biggie, i got it all out. This all happened on Tuesday night, but then randomly, on Thursday, it decides to get really red and irritated! By Friday and Saturday, it was a massive abrasion/ piece of skin missing off my face! I am so cluele
  2. Already well I'm about 1 month off of Accutane, which by the way was not very effective at all. My skin is still halfway sensitive, with a little bit of dryness. I'm still getting the fresh new pimple every few days. They are typically decent sized whiteheads or decent sized pimples without a head. Well after the monthly visit to the derm, he decided to prescribe me a sulfur facewash, sumaxin, and also Retin-A. he told me to wash with the Sumaxin morning and night, and only apply the Retin-A at
  3. If I have a few pimples here and there, some of which won't come to a head, can I use retin-a as a spot treatment on them to help them go away? Don't really see the need to apply it to the whole face....
  4. I am pretty curious and kind of nervous about the fact that I may of cut of my accutane course a little too short. I took Accutane for approx. 17 weeks, but had to quit due to lower back pains. my face was pretty clear, but I still pretty much got a few new pimples on my chin and cheek areas every few days. My question is, did I take enough Accutane to eventually clear up? I was on 60mg/day for, like I said around 4 months. Im 6' 2" and weigh 165 pounds.
  5. If my math is correct, this would be similar to doing 60 mg/ day, which is a very common dosage. Just a different concept, thats all.
  6. Here is a picture with two different marks on my face. the darker one was a pimple that had a head, but i popped it too soon. There is some dried up blood on the top and the rest is just redness. The other mark was a pimple similar to the other, but without a head. I made the mistake of trying to pop it, and with my skin being so sensitive on accutane, I basically rubbed a layer of skin off. My question is, how can i get rid of these marks/redness? They are painfully annoying to look at throu
  7. Well hello everyone, I am about to start my 5th month of accutane and I am still getting a pimples here and there. They aren't gigantic ones, but they aren't little tiny ones either. Prbably about moderate size. My question is, how can I get rid of these fairly quickly without popping them? I've had my experiences with that and on accutane it just leaves big ol red marks. Thanks for you help!
  8. My body is fine, just the dryness on my face and lips. I really want to continue, but I'm just not sure its worth it. I am just thinking about stopping and letting my body return to normal and dealing with the acne like I used to.
  9. Hello, I've been on accutane for exactly 4 months now, and I am not thrilled with my results. Before accutane, i had mild acne, but it was very persistant, so my dermatologist decided to put my on accutane. Around month 2, i had the "flare up" stage, but since that has calmed down, I am still having consistant breakouts. My face has gotten extremely dry, so if I ever pop a pimple on my face, it usually gets very irritated and red. I've read many many posts around here and have seen many picture