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  1. I tryed using aha paulas choice and the sides of my nose were so itchy and had like a crust around them
  2. every single pore on my face is clogged i really depressed because ive wasted probably more than a thousand on acne products every single cleanser drys me out yet i have oily skin when i use bha i get lil white heads lil zits and bp just makes everything worse i hope someone can help me out
  3. This is exactly what is happening to me its so frustateing but i know its going to take at least six months my pores are severly clogged all over ah
  4. Feel like sleepn forever no matter what mhat my acné gets worse im fuckn crying and i dnt cry
  5. Any more suggestions before this thread is forgotten
  6. I want too but whenever I wash my face it's always flaky I think I'm screwed
  7. So I got clogged pores everywere on my face and I mean everywere I also have oily skin and I've been using paula's bha and it's clears dem out but dey get clogged again I really think it's cus I use moisterizer i use olay for sensitive skin should I stop using moisterizer? Any help would be appreciated because these clogged pores always turn into pimpleS
  8. The piercings been out forever and when I squeeze the stuff out in a week it's full of it again it doesn't bother me or nothing
  9. Okay I came too a conclusion ders something wrong wit me I have moderate acne mostly cus of all my clogged pores but there's something wierd going on were I pierced my ear I have a ball I acn feel and I squeeze and the same stuff that would come out a clogged pore comes out of my ear and it refills all the time should I go too a doctor ??
  10. Could I still use my paula's choice bha while on the b5
  11. At least they don't turn white like mine:(
  12. Okay either way I wash my face with a gentle or non gentle cleanser it's always dry unless I rub for like a min cus if I don't I see all the pores that are clogged I think there blackheads just all over my face and the reason I get zits with pus is cus of irritation so i'm really asking myself if I should stick with the regemin barely started or salicyic acid any say on this would be EXTREMLY HELPFULL
  13. I don't even know now if it's helping my pustules i think it's making more come out ah what do I do
  14. How much should I start off with I have senstive skin