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  1. also something for me personally is that any type of sugar not from fruit is bad for my acne. i eat TONS of fruits right now about a 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day. i eat no refined sugar at all anymore, no soda or what have you. i may cheat once or twice a week but its in moderation and not a large blizzard from dairy queen like before haha. i think just like dairy has alot of negative effects for digestion sugar is just as bad. anybody trying this out, try to eliminate those if your not seeing
  2. i never realized this thread took off like this. I havent been on these forums for quite some time, changed jobs a few times, relocated, and well now its no better but thats life. as an update i did make another thread. there is a line of supplements that im taking which i cant say enough good things about, but with them came a diet plan, its very similar the paleo diet if anybody is familiar with that. i noticed alot of changes in my digestion after sticking to it and still do. to
  3. also just for what its worth one of my good friends who had luck with the fiber/probiotics found out diary was also making him have acne on his neck which he thought was shaving irritation more than anything. after i convinced him to give dairy a break is doing great, he put cheese on everything and had about a gallon of milk a day. my brother eats crap. unhealthy as you can eat. for his lucky butt fiber is all he needs. once he takes fiber his skin clears up. he isnt regular on it but whe
  4. so i went back and read my last thread. there are a few people that had great sucesses as well. the key being healthy diet while you clean out your body. the newest part to all of this is the fact that i now know the last couple things that were bad for my skin food wise and the supplements im on are also more effective. if you go back and read my last post you will see anybody that had it be effective gave it more then 2 weeks and also started healthy eating habits. and if you come bac
  5. well if you ate processed/refined foods or foods that helped cause your acne and you expected to help your digestive system to improve that is like putting a diesel in a gas motor and hoping things get better. you cant fix your digestion till your food intake is where it needs to be, hence the reason your digestion needs to be fixed, you ate things that have brought it to that point. i understand doubt. if the fiber did nothing for you, and i highly doubt you can make that claim, did you c
  6. So if you need or want to know what i was doing read my last posts a few posts down labeled "i found my cure." The point of this update is to say yes that did work, and now i have something better and its been soo effective i felt i literally have an obligation to share. Fiber and probiotics, what can i say, take them. you lose wieght, your skin improves, you even may have more energy, i have a good number of people take them with instant energy improvements. So what happens if your l
  7. id also like to forwarn you guys/gals that fiber does not taste great. i take alot of protein and amino acid drinks that have citric sweeteners, taste aweful but i dont mind them. i love chocolate protein shakes, i actually crave them. some people gag at the idea and cant hardly drink them. anything worth doing isnt easy to do. ive noticed by using room temp water versus warm water the taste is easier to deal with. the now fiber 3 is much easier to drink because it doesnt get clumpy li
  8. they do make a product that is a multi ingredient fiber with probiotics added. ive heard good things but i want to take a higher dose of probiotics which means for me i need to take the probiotics seperately at least 1 other time per day. im also starting probiotics 3 times a day as i heard from somebody that its not a bad idea to up the dose for a couple months then once everything is clean and worked out of your system go back to 1 per day. just because i believe in supplements im going to
  9. I will try to answer everyones questions, but first off i would have never thought i had digestive problems as i had 2-3 BM's per day and i hear some people dont even have 1 per day. as far as washing my face, i just use water at the gym most of the time to get the sweat off. in the morning and at night i use dermify, you keep it on for one minute then rinse. it works as spot treatment and mask also. i use the mask for 20 mins about three times a week because it makes my skin even softe
  10. I am currently two months in to perfectly clear skin. I have started to wear hats, eat sugars and dairy again and i go to the gym 4 days a week and sweat my @ss off. None of this effects my skin any longer. If you dont have time to read the whole thing skip to the last parts for what i call my personal "cure" to adult acne. Ive had acne since 14, im 29. I started off with whiteheads, then in at the end of highschool went from not only 3-5 whiteheads every morning to a few deep large cystic
  11. An update for everybody. so my face when i posted last was pretty bad around the mouth area because of how bad the breakout was. it seemed like it was getting better and worse at the same time, hard to explain, but the rest of my face was doing soo good. after continuing with leaving this on my face for 3-5 minutes versus the 1 that they say, and using it as a mask for 20 minutes almost every night my face is taking a turn, for the better. its starting to clear up fairly fast and only m
  12. im approaching the 1 month mark. I think its GREAT! I have a post going around somewhere. This stuff heals your skin. I rarely need to moisturize. once a day max. I had bad BP damage from dans products even moisturizing all the time. This is fixing my skin and its looking better then ever. I started this on a BAD breakout around the sides of my lips and chin. Those areas broke out while clearing up the acne i had when starting it. I have a couple big pimples coming to a whitehead a
  13. I'd like to add that i felt a very deep pimple forming, skin felt a little wierd and almost as if a huge cyst type pimple was going to form. Used it as a spot treatment for two nights and nothing even formed and it went away. This stuff ROCKS!
  14. Thats too bad. It would be worth it maybe to call and see what they can do. Every morning i wake up and think damn i love this stuff.
  15. From using BP especially and other drugs as well my skin was always flaky, fairly red, i would get whiteheads alot so i was a frequent mirror checker just because they would pop up through the day and i always woke up with a few of them. As far as pimples i never really get severe ones but my face had not had any medication for awhile so it was in a breakout when i started. I had about ten pimples ore more a couple fairly deep. from last night to now its like my skin is nearly clear. I