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  1. Misty E

    Day 35

    Only knew thing to report is this very red itchy rash on my forearms. I asked my derm what she thought it was when it was starting and she said from the sun. I didn't buy it. It only gets worse when I sleep with covers or have a blanket or something up against it. And it does get worse in the heat. The Derm gave me a cream to put on it that doesn't work it just hurts when I put it on. So I started putting Emu Oil on it and so far so good. Today is day 35 and my husband looked at me yes
  2. I went to the Biltmore House in Asheville for a girls weekend this past weekend. Couldn't pass over the wine tastings or the bar with peach margaritas. I was worried about my blood draw yesterday since I had drinks for the first time being on Accutane. All my blood work was fine! SHewwww! I will be staying on 60 mg for another month. I have only one small active and several healing ones. My Doc said I was lucky to have such few symptoms. Only a little dryness and dry lips. She also said
  3. Misty E

    Day 27

    Nothing really new. I go for my blood draw tomorrow then to the Derm the next day.
  4. Misty E

    3 Weeks Today!

    My face is more clear today except for this one little cyst that won't go away. It is raised, not painful, but has something in it. It is taking this guy forever to go away. Nothing new really has happened except everyday feeling better about my face. I also have been able to go 2 days without washing my hair. YAY!!!!! Being dry is so much better than being oily! I would rather have to condition and moisturize than live with the oil and everything that comes with it!
  5. I have such a stong desire to exfoliate while on Accutane. I am on day 19 and I have done a few times when I am going to wear makeup due to peeling and it doesn't hurt at all. I have had several people tell me not to. Do any of you guys exfoliate?
  6. Misty E

    day 48

    I hope it works that great for me too!
  7. Misty E

    Day 19

    I wore make up today without my face peeling and looking like a road map. I actually looked in the mirror and even with thought for a second it looked pretty damn good for what I looked like 3 days ago. The only new thing is my lips are cracking not on my lip but near the inside of my lip on the bottomThe skin is really raw. It is pretty much in my mouth so nothing will really stay on it such as Aquaphor. I have a confession to make. Against better judgement I have been using the mild ExfolLo
  8. Misty E


    Thank you so much. Makes me feel so much better to know I am not the only one being called out!
  9. Misty E


    So, I have about 5 cyst going now. People can be so rude too. I was at my son's baseball game and a man who I have known since I was little looked at me and said, "You really need to do something about that." Talking about my face. I didn't have any make up on so I am sure it might have looked bad. But when I wear make up it looks worse because of the peeling. He said it in front of people so I felt like I had to explain that I was doing something about it. I have felt lately like peopl
  10. Misty E

    Day 16 Hello Cysts

    Thank you so much!
  11. I started on the 14th. I have been keeping up with my progress in a blog. Good Luck!
  12. So, I thought I might be one of the lucky ones who didn't get the "break out".....not so much. A new cyst on the other cheek. The one that I got a few days ago is healing but so slow. This new one is pretty small but painful. I am proud that I have left it alone. Man it is really hard though. I did have a white head this morning and it had to go. I just couldn't leave it sitting on my face! I wear Bare Minerals makeup which is good for your face but even using moisturizer right out o
  13. Misty E

    Day 12

    I only did it a few times the first few days of the peeling but have found I haven't really needed to since using the Emu Oil. How long have you been on Accutane?I'm on day...47. I only had to pay extra attention to the dry areas for about a week (somewhere around day 35). I wonder if I haven't dried out really bad because I was so excessively oily before? I've also been on retin A in the past and that dried me out horribly (and didn't work for shit).Mine chin has been really dry yesterday a
  14. Misty E

    Day 15

    Everything is going fine. The only thing new is peeling on my chin. Why are you not suppose to exfoliate while on accutane? How do you get the dead skin to come off? It is about to send me over the edge! The cyst I had on my cheek is still fading. Very slowly though!!! I am ready to see what results I will have when I finish the accutane. I can't remember my face before I had cystic acne. I wish for a day that I don't feel like I have to put on make up to cover up my face!
  15. I took Spiro but It did nothing for me. I took it for about a year. I am currently on week 2 of 60 MG of Accutane. My Derm said Spiro actually really does work for a lot of people without many side effects! It comes in a generic too so it is pretty cheap.