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  1. I've been to 3 dermatologists so far over the course of 2 years and all of them have at some point said "don't bother making another appointment" or "there is nothing more we can do for you" and I still have bad acne. I've counted and I get around 10-15 new pimples per day with a main focus on cheeks and jaw/upper lip area. I'm basically looking for a suggestion on what to do now...I plan on trying to find another dermatologist that hopefully won't give up on me and maybe I can even suggest so
  2. @CortneyLeah01 Thanks for asking and following up here. Like you said, good to know someone else is experiencing similar. I guess sandpaper nose it is in hopes that those blackheads will disappear soon.
  3. So I'm about 3 weeks in my first experience of Accutane/claravis. My acne has surprisingly disappeared greatly considering its not even a full month so this is good (i hope). Issue is my blackheads all over my nose, cheeks, and forehead. Right now I'm not sure if the Claravis is pushing the blackheads out or shrinking my pores causing the blackheads to be more exposed. Right now its like rough grit sandpaper on my face due to the blackheads being pushed up and its getting hard to distinguish
  4. Just got prescribed and took my first pill of Claravis today. The doctor is only allowed to give you a 30 day script and you have to revisit the doctor to get another 30 day script to ensure you don't have any serious side effects. Issue is that I got my first pill today (11-1-12) and my next doctor appointment (of what was available) is 12-5-12.....I will be about 5 days off of the Claravis before I can get a refill. Has anyone else on Accutane/Amnesteem/Claravis/etc had similar experiences?
  5. The awkward moment when it took you 10 years to realize you can't fight acne on your own and gather the courage to go to a Dermatologist and notice NO PATIENTS THERE HAVE ACNE BUT YOU. Its a damn skin clinic and i'm the only one with acne, ugh. Its like i'm the only one in the world with acne.
  6. Went to doctor and got three prescriptions. One for Benzefoam 9,8% for my chest and back, thats not an issue. The other two are MetroCream and Vitalin and she said strictly only a pea sized amount for my entire face. I chuckled and told her a pea size isn't enough and she just reiterated only that amount. After i picked up the prescriptions and tried it this morning i was right.........i had to use one pea sized amount just to cover my forehead, as soon as it touched my skin it absorbed and
  7. This might be a dumb suggestion but.......Why not use the AHA on everything but your chin since you say you only break out on your chin with the AHA. Do the normal regimen of BP or whatever but when you get to the AHA step just avoid the chin and maybe just put lotion there instead to continue a "flak free" chin.
  8. Its a plain USPS box (have one right in front of me) but the shipping label says "DanielKern.com" which anyone can just follow and see acne. Otherwise though, no words of Acne on box.
  9. I've been using the AHA+ for about a month now and I've turned to only using it at night because it is very tacky and leaves my skin looking shiny too. I've tried putting my face in front of a fan for 10 to 15 minutes on high speed but that tackiness/wetness was still there. Its so bad that i've had to change my sleep positions (used to be face down on pillow but i notice the AHA comes off on pillow) and even after 8+ hours of sleep my face is still tacky/greasy to the point where i have to wa
  10. What i mean by "stopped working after a few months/weeks" is because this has been open since February with people using it but the farthest results we got is up to 2 weeks of use. How come the people using it in the beginning don't report back with "3 months in and i'm only 80 percent clear, 100 percent clear, hit a plateau"?? Thats been my results with all products, including Acne.org Daniel Kern products is a plateau. I've been using Acne.org for 6 months now and ever since month 2 i've hi
  11. So everyone is saying do your own research and i have and Stiefel Laboratories (the makers) don't even recognize MaxClarity as their own product. Is this a scam/ ripoff? Some rogue company acting like they are from Stiefel? Should i be scared about a product that only works for a few weeks then nothing a few months later? See for yourself **Edit - I've pasted the link and even did the add link button but it didn't paste. Either way its the Stiefel Labs website /products to see their whole