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  1. I find it really odd that all you seem to be doing is telling people that everything they do won't work so they'll quit trying. Then when people post pictures of how it worked for them, you find ways to discredit them and act like they're "lying". What is your agenda? I doubt its to speak the truth. I will trust my own instincts. I have seen more than enough people saying it worked for them to keep trying. I know there are certain people on here who do nothing but tell people everything is a
  2. I am not a dermatologist. I don't know how ANY procedure works the way it does. That doesn't mean it doesn't work, and I have already proven myself that dermarolling does help to an extent. I had big red stretch marks on my hip. I used the dermaroller since november on and off numerous times. My stretchmarks have faded a lot. They are not only no longer red, but they used to pop up and now they are flat. It has yet to go back to being how it was prior to my using the dermaroller. This was the
  3. Well you can either believe it works for some people, not all. Or you can believe that every single person who claimed it worked is lying. Which to me, makes no sense. Dermatologists do these procedures in their offices and say you ca buy your own and do it at home. They get no money from suggesting you buy your own dermaroller and do it at home. Another thing is, unless you were SELLING a dermaroller, why would you lie? The people I've seen who have posted results weren't endorsing a specifi
  4. Everything takes time. I've only done the dermaroller 3 times. I've seen before and after pics of some people on here after one year, and they had dramatic improvement in their scars from the dermaroller. I think the problem is some people give up WAY too soon on things. Not even in a dermatologists office can you expect to have your scars removed after one try. Sometimes it takes many trips to the derm in order to get the results you want. Same with at home procedures. thanks :D I am
  5. Most of my scars aren't too deep but they do look worse than these pics show....especially under natural light. I bought 15% tca peel and haven''t used it yet. I hope it helps me. I have also been using the dermaroller once a month for 3 months now....nothing significant has happened but I know it can take a year to see real results.
  6. Has anyone done this or have any clue what this is?? http://www.thescarsecret.com/?hop=d60eba
  7. Has anyone on here bought this for deep scars? If so, does it work??? 5 special single needles for intensive scar & wrinkle treatment
  8. I bought MUAC's 12.5% TCA peel. I was wondering if you could use this stuff only on a patch of skin rather than the entire face. Do these peels have to be applied to the entire face or can you spot treat one specific area?
  9. I heard such amazing reviews about Diacneal. I was a little broken out so I began using it, almost 3 weeks later my face looks HORRIBLE! It broke me out SO bad, I wish I never even used it. I'm breaking out even in places where I never put the cream on. I stopped using it yesterday, and I refuse to use it again. It has made my skin look worse than I even thought. I know there is supposed to be a "purging" phase, but this is just too much. I didn't expect to break out all over my face for weeks o
  10. Dude you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO joke! I have never seen such amazing results. WOW!
  11. I was wondering if the TCA cross procedure is something most dermatologists do, or is this some type of procedure where I have to search for a plastic surgeon or something?? My local dermatologist does not have it listed on his site as something he does in his office....so I was wondering. I've decided I'm going to start saving for a TCA cross treatment. I've heard so much positive feedback from it, and it seems to be one of the lesser expensive procedures (arouns $700 as opposed to lasers w