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Prepares skin for Benzoyl Peroxide Can use as Shampoo also Unlike most gentle cleansers, makes skin FEEL clean. After I wash my face with this it makes me VERY pale. I have dark skin because I am biracial (mom is black, dad is white) Although I LOVE the cleanser, I notice that with my type of skin it seems to make me look very white and pale afterwards, I even follow the 10 second rule and make sure to pat dry only. I don't know if this is normal for people of color when they use this, but sometimes I am so pale from it that people around the house worry that I am sick. My color seems to come back after I apply the Benzoyl Peroxide and the Moisturizer (all Dan's). and that is the ONLY reason I didn't give this the extra star is because of how pale it makes me. However it is MUCH better than Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser. I reccomend this (if your not on the regimen and just looking for a good cleanser) to people with caucasian skin

By paparazzi25,