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  1. Hey everyone I have been on and off the acne.org boards for several years, I have suffered from acne scars for the past 9 years and now i finally have saved up several thousands of pounds for the best scar treatment performed by the best surgeon so my question is if money isnt an issue and only scars are the issue which treatment/s to go for and by whom? I have ice pick scars and boxcar scars If i get good responses I will be documenting my scar treatments once i begin hopfully w
  2. i dont think its his results, there is already some one else posted these photos previously for excision a few years ago
  3. From looking at the pics on their website, looks like she had done a really good job! hey poppy saw your pics you had tremendous improvement hows your skin at the moment?
  4. it definately makes your scars look worse, i had some photos taken of me long time ago in sunlight outdoors when i never realised how bad my acne actually was and i was shocked to see how bad my skin looked, up to this day i feel depressed just thinking about it. Acne scarring is a serious problem and what makes it even worse is the majority of people nowadays are shallow and i find it really hard even sitting for dinner with family every day and i hide my face whilst eating. am 20 years old,