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  1. This may be the most boring blog anyone has ever written! I have only 8 weeks to go on accutane now and it's been VERY uneventful. I am thankful for that though! I still have very dry skin, scalp and lips. THAT much has not changed throughout the entire course. I never experienced any excessive hair shedding. I had only a couple of blood nose episodes in the beginning then nothing. I have not had a single pimple since starting treatment, no breakouts or purging AT ALL. I've had dry eye
  2. I started on 20mg and am now on 40mg. I had NO initial breakout this time around. I attribute this to the low starting dose. (The first time I went on accutane I was started straight away on the 40mg and I got an IB that lasted for about a week.) Low dose (at least to start with) is the way to go IMO. Good luck!
  3. Haven't written here for a while because not much has happened really. My skin is still really dry, but being kept under control with moisturizers. My lips are still VERY dry, but being controlled with Carmex (my lips are never without a coating of this!!). And I still have not had a single pimple! As the title says, I made tinted carmex today. I got a pot of carmex and stood it in boiling hot water for a while, then stirred (as it got soft) and added in some mineral pigment I had. I use
  4. I've heard that accutane can cause hair loss. This never happened to me the first time around and I don't think it's happening to me now, BUT I am LOVING my new dry scalp! I haven't washed my hair with shampoo in a week and my hair is rewarding me with shine galore. It's because I'm not "stripping" my length, so my hair just feels nicer and has more body. I love not having to wash my hair because of my oily roots. My hair is coloured, so it is a bit more dry than virgin hair, so anything th
  5. Yes, the title of this post IS relevant because Accutane can effect the skin's ability to heal itself. I cut my hand pretty badly the other day while chopping vegetables. The cut was deep and there was lots of blood. I was really worried it would be a real hassle to nurse it while it healed. It was in an awkward place on my hand too. Anyway, I kept it covered with a bandaid for a couple of days and then when I took it off, it looked REALLY good! It had healed remarkably well, especially g
  6. Higher....MUCH higher. You will need to wear sunblock every day (even in winter). Trust me, don't get burnt on accutane, it is a nightmare. Good luck!
  7. I use fragranced oils now (like the kind you get from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab). They make mens frangrances too. I find I get no stinging with these, but if I spray on ANY perfume I get that initial stinging (and sometimes redness). Good luck!
  8. Oh dear, today I had a blood nose! Now, I have just had a nasty cold so my nose has been through a bit of trauma these past days, and also the accutane has dried everything out. I should have been EXPECTING this! Anyway, it wasn't too bad and stopped pretty quickly. I have decided to start using Fess Nasal Gel which is a moisturizer for your nose. I have a sample here, so after I use that up I'll know if it's good enough to buy a full size. Last time around I used vaseline on a cotton b
  9. Hi everyone. I'm 3 weeks in now and things are going GREAT I want to ask if anyone else has ever experienced a tight scalp? My scalp feels really tight, like it's pulling from ear to ear around the back of my head, like I'm wearing an invisible head band or something. I have no itchiness or flakiness, just this tight feeling. I'm going to massage my scalp with coconut oil tonight and see if that helps. It's really weird though, I don't remember ever feeling this before! Anyone els
  10. I'm almost 3 weeks along now and things are great. I thought I might post about the supplements I'm taking. Daily, I take the following: vit B, zinc, fish oil, Vit C. I read that these might be beneficial to reduce side effects of accutane, and I know that in my case it seems to be working. I'm thinking of taking some spirulina too, but want to wait a while to make sure I'm not going to flare anything up. Weird symptom of the day: tight scalp. My scalp feels really tight, like it's pull
  11. Hi there! I'm about 2 weeks in now and things are going GREAT! No bad side effects really except for some initial redness and flaky skin but that is subsiding now (moisturize!!!). I can say that the sun sensitivity is much worse for me this time around, perhaps because I'm older? It's getting into winter here (Australia) and I need to make sure I'm totally covered in sunblock even if I'm going to be outside for 5 minutes. It's crazy. I'm blogging my experience this time around, so if you're
  12. Well I'm over most of this cold, hard to say if accutane is giving me any other side effects at the moment because I've been sick anyway. I did have a HUGE headache yesterday, but as I said: can't really blame it on the accutane. As for my face, well, it's looking amazing! It's totally clear and soft My chin has improved greatly and is hardly red or flaky anymore. It's still dry (as is my whole face) but definitely controllable with large amounts of moisturizer. In fact, I used my extrem
  13. My cold was REALLY bad yesterday, but a bit better today. I have read that accutane lowers your immune system, so I guess it's not so suprising I got sick. My chin is still very red and feels kind of rough when I moisturize in the morning. I'm still using a few drops of rosehip oil under the dermaveen moisturizer and it seems to be keeping the flakies at bay. I just really don't like the redness I'm blotchy and I'm not sure I can cover it with anything either, so I'm just hoping this pa
  14. Hi. Thanks for your comments. I got pregnant the year after I stopped accutane and had a great pregnancy and a healthy baby (who is now 8 yrs old). I had my other son just under 2 years later and he's fine too I can personally vouch for the birth defect side effect of accutane completely going away, but I'd still wait a year or so just to be sure.The side effects of this drug are so individual! I don't know if it really helps to read the extreme experiences, only to prepare yourself for the w
  15. Well I think today I was officially unsuitable for public viewing. My chin is quite red, my face is peely and to top it all off, I have a cold My youngest son has a cold, so I probably got it from him. I spent most of the day just laying around feeling sorry for myself. My face is really SORE too, mainly my chin. I kinda remember this from last time (man I WISH I'd kept a journal back then!!) so I know it's "normal". It just sux. I got my BB cream today, so I'm looking forward to tryin