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  1. So I have been using both Nizoral and Selsun Blue hoping to clear up whatever I have. I do not think its acne I think its either seborrheic dermatitis or Folliotus (sp). Anyways is it okay to use Nizoral in the AM and The Selsun blue in the PM? That way if it is fungal or bacterial it will be treated with the two seperate active ingrediants?
  2. see thats so wierd my dr said it didnt look like rosacea to him but to me it does, I specifically asked and that was my motivation to see the dr. in the first place. I had my thyroid checked about 2 years ago and it was fine. Its probably time for another blood work though to see if there are any problems. I did use pupose as well but I got that really tight feeling with it. I still have some so I can use it instead of the Cetaphil if it doesn't help. Thanks for the info.
  3. noone has any info on what kind of acne that might be or if its acne at all?
  4. forget link and tried to edit but its not showing up so here it is....
  5. hmmm this looks alot like my forehead - could this be what I have??? Anyone have any information regarding it?
  6. Hello, I'm new here and have been having a hard time with acne recentley. Let me tell you just a bit about me so you have an idea. I never experienced teenage acne. I'm not sure weather its because I just didn't experience it or weather its because I tanned from the age of 15 - 22 religiosly. Either way when I stopped tanning at age 22 I started to get occassional breakouts but not bad enough to start a regimn....infact most of of the pimples were just bumps on my forehead with no coloring