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  1. yupp me too!!! doesnt it suck to feel it coming and theres nothing you can do about it?!
  2. UGGGGGHHHH i feel ya! immediately after my 20th birthday i started getting painful, hard cysts...my doctor refuses to give me accutane because shes afraid ill kill myself...which i am more likely yo do with cysts on face than dry lips and fatigue....whatever!! anyway i begged her for spironolactone bc i suspect my acne is hormonal....she took my blood never called me back and then i made another appointment to speed things up...i started taking 50mg of spiro yesterday...i am optimistic but if it
  3. i have tried diet change and it doesnt seem to affect me too greatly...i have stopped dairy, sugar and meat and it was too much work for not enough result. I just had a long convo with a friend who finished accutane (she looks amazing) and shes going to help me find a derm who will be more open-minded to accutane. i am just so fed up with this stuff and i want to feel beautiful when i boyfriend proposes this summer (he thinks hes throwing me off but im on to his plan)haha! its just such a strugg
  4. im 20 and i have active cysts as well. ive never been on accutane because my derm is a hippie and thinks i just need to modify my diet and regimen (UGH)! anyway i asked my derm about spiro and she was really hesitant as well, although ive heard such great things about it from people on this site. i dont think youre too young, at 18 your hormones are outta wack...i know mine were and continue to be. i started birth control about a month ago...im not seeing results either way...maybe more breakout
  5. Ok so...my story is a long one. I have had acne since puberty (about 9 years ago); I just turned twenty and it seems like ive developed cystic acne as a gift! booo!! I have been seeing a medical aesthetician for about 4 months; she completely cleared my face except for the occasional pimple around my period. However, after my last visit she did some really intense stuff and since then i have had hard, painful, cystic acne on my jawline and cheeks. i went to the derm a few days ago...begging for