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  1. Just my two cents... I'm 130lbs, and i'm taking 40mg per day. I just finished month one. and although I stil have pimples, my skin is already smoother. it used to feel like mini bubble wrap when you rubbed my face, that feeling is gone. I still have pimples, but havent gotten any of the deep nodular sine starting. (knock on wood!) but it really varies for each person. But you don't need to up your dose at all. Just be patient. plus your still probably in the area for an IB.
  2. The only bad thing about Carmex is it contains Lanolin. Which your lips can become addicted to and it'll be harder to go an hour without it. (my experience). also if you have sensitive skin, lanolin will irritate the hell out of your lips. at night I just use the good old tub of vaseline. pile it on and my lips are soft when i wake up. during the day I always carry Vaseline lip therapy. Although not as good as regular vaseline, its the best i've found. but i gues you could always carry your tu
  3. I would try and do it yourself first. Eating healthy is step one, so KUDOS! now go for a 45 minute walk every evening and take fish oil. tahts what my derm told me because mine was high last month when i first started. good luck!
  4. Ive been on for nearly a month. and no hair loss yet. I am taking my 40mg, 800mg vitamin E, Fish oil, and Vitamin Bs. I dont know if its true.. but i hear.. vitamin E combats the dryness... - i only have dry lips, my skin isn't much different. Vitamin B is supposed to be for your hair.. my hair is fine, so far. just dont worry too much about it. youre probably on the less likely side since your dose is lower.
  5. So this is just a random post. i wish people posted things like this before I started my accutane cycle. I'm 24 days into my cycle. side effects are dry lips that peel nonstop. (not cool for kissing) No IB yet but Im still waiting very sensitive to the sun. I went to a music festival for 4 days and burned even with 70+ spf so far its all bareable. and it'll be totally worth it. everyone whose thinking about starting/just started etc. keep your head up! dont over analyze everything. and we'll a
  6. yeah my big pores are on my nose and a little beside the nose, and some one my chin. i hate it
  7. Oh wonderful! Thanks! That excites me. oh and best of luck with your treatment! HOpe its an easy ride for you.
  8. I have very large pores, I always have. The kind where when I look in the mirror I feel like all I see are a million little dots. and I can squeeze the dirt out of them. its gross. It keeps my skin from looking smooth and flawless. I'm only 2 weeks into accutane so I really havent started to see changes. (other than my lips peeling off nonstop) Did anyone else have pores like this? Did accutane help to minimize them? Is there anything I can do for them?
  9. Yeah Nixon is a good brand. I didnt notice the shedding quite as bad this morning while doing my hair. but I also tried not to pay too much attention to it. I only wash my hair every 2-3 days as well. Not only is it damaging to wash your hair every day I also am a very light brown/dark blonde naturally and I've died it a very dark brown. so ive always had to avoid over washing to avoid fading. I guess all we can do right now is keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!
  10. Not sure if you've heard of MIRABELLA. it's usually sold in Salons. I buy mine through a friend because she has a beauty license. They have a cream to powder that is amazing. its not too thick but it def evens my skin out. and its light weight and feels soft. I live in the south so i think our humidity issues are the same. this doesnt feel sticky when it gets nasty muggy out. If you cant purchase that, then i suggest going to Ulta/sephora and seeing what they have- those people know their stuff!
  11. I'm on the same dosage (I'm 22)! On day 6 now and i have moderate acne. Although I'm only on day 6, so far nothings gotten bad. As of this morning I noticed my lips were drier than usual. other than that I just am constantly thirsty so I'm drinking about 80fl oz of water a day. I'll keep you posted if anything goes crazy on my skin
  12. Well thank you for the happy story! That is the type I am taking. Today is only day 6. I had a minor scare with my hair falling out- but i think it was just because it was in an updo all day so it seemed like more. I've noticed my lips are becoming a little more chapped and i'm drinking massive amounts of water without thinking about it. but congrats on your success and thanks again for the positive feedback!
  13. I've always shed hair more than everyone I know. But it seems like today in the shower I was constantly pulling hair out. I'm not sure if i'm just paranoid so i'm paying attention and freaking out over nothing. But i'm worried. Has anyone noticed hair thinning so quickly? Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to minimize it while on accutane?
  14. I dont know if you have MIRABELLA where you are. its usually sold in salons and stuff. you can go to their website and find if someone around you sells it. but they have colored lip gloss that i LOVE. I am able to apply my vaseline lip moisture and then the .. i think its outshine lip gloss on it and its nice and moist and has a bright color to it (NOT STICKY AT ALL!). without the dryness of real lipstick. and if they dont have it where you are go to an Ulta or Sephora and they should be able t
  15. I am only on day 2. but everyone i've talked to said its about 2-3 weeks in. and lasts 1-2ish weeks. i think it is different for everyone