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  1. Realising that even if this device does actually work, it's not going to be practical to use in the long run. It got delivered to my office on Friday so I rushed home for lunch (yes - I am one of the few lucky people that can do this, don't hate me for it!) and cracked it open. It's got 3 settings: "off", naturally, "constant wave" and "pulse". The instructions recommend that you treat each area for between 6 and 8 minutes on the "CW" setting, and then follow it up with the same amount of ti
  2. • I have acne (face, neck, chest and back) • I am a “picker†• Currently Spend around £2.50 per month on topical antibiotics and around £30 per year on sunbed sessions • Hate the smell and the faff of using the topical ointment, don’t really want photo-damage or worse, skin cancer • Want a free standing adjustable red and blue LED therapy device due to extent of my acne, (cost ~£400 included postage from the US) but want to make sure light therapy works for me first!
  3. Just bought the Medisana Medibeam from Amazon UK for £39.95. Considering only using it one one side of my face in the name of science... but how weird will I look if it does actually work? I'll start a blog on here to let y'all know how I get on with it. Watch this space. H