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  1. Hi all, my skin is always up and down, some days it's reaaally bad and some it's good. Anyway it's been ok, but it's friday and 2 massive pimples have just surfaced =[[[, D= i need to go out tomorrow night and was wondering what is the best spot/overnight treatment?? thanks heaps!
  2. So i've always been told different things about whether the sun, helps acne, or makes it worse. Some say yes, no, 10 minutes is good, 30 mins is, etc etc. Just wondering what is everyones opinion on this forum? and if it does help, what is the ideal time to spend in the sun thanks a lot
  3. yeah i'd also heard good things about cetaphil! I have very sensitive skin and am rather pale in complexion, attractive i know should i use a cleanser it every day? when i get one
  4. oh great thanks! i have heard good things about it, will give it a shot! =D
  5. Hi guys, I'm 20 years old and have mild to moderate acne, i always have a few pimples on my face, i think it's really bad and it puts me in a horrible mood, even though others say they aren't even noticable, which i cannot understand lol. I've tried a few things over the years, but haven't stuck them out, as they didn't make my skin that much better or worse. At the moment i only wash my face morning and night with luke warm water, as i dont know what cleanser to use and such. Wh
  6. Hi guys I have moderate acne at the moment, and am just wondering what is the best way to wash ones face, i've heard about a million different things lol. Some say: hot, then cold water, just cold, just hot, etc etc. Basically, If i was to just use water to wash my face, twice a day, what would be the best method for my skin? Thanks in advance peeps! =D
  7. basically in the morning i wake up, wash my face then pat it dry, then moisturise with cetaphil moisturizer. At night i usually just apply differin after washing and drying my face. As you can see i dont do a lot in my regimen lol also i do wear sunscreen though i do not get much sleep sometimes >.<, am often out rather late which i know can be a killer. any tips? thanks in advance btw your skin is lovely haha
  8. Hi guys i am currently using Differin Cream, 0.1% and have been for approximately 9 months or so, though am still getting very mixed results, i.e. One week i will have pretty much clear skin, then the next, bad breakouts will pop up left, right and center =[ All i do usually is wash my face in the morning, then moisturise, and at night, wash my face then apply differin before i go to bed. Normally i would have switched products by now, though i have been advised it can take a long time to work.
  9. Hi guys, well i've been on proactive for a while, but had no success, so am now switching to differin (fingers crossed) i was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get the best out of this product, i.e. How much should i use, how often, any other products i should incorporate into my routine etc. Thanks heaps guys