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  1. Just recieved mine in the mail yesterday......Ill post my results!
  2. Im waiting for mine to arrive in the mail...should be getting it at the end of this week....If you google saw palmetto and acne, it will give you alot of information on it....Im hoping this works for me!!!! I will make sure to let everyone know how it goes
  3. zinc, b5 and saw palmetto ....i just bought some saw palmetto today...gnc brand...ive heard alot of positive things about it...google it if you like..
  4. I jsut purchased the gnc brand of standardized saw palmetto....I have read a lot of positive reviews that it helps a lot with hormonal acne...I was just wondering if anyone has seen positive results with taking it? Ill post back my results
  5. I subscribe to a PCOS newsletter and the same nutrient, diet and lifestyle habits I'm always recommending for acne, which is how all humans should eat and live for health, is what they recommend for PCOS sufferers. What you want is a nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar stabilizing diet that doesn't consist of anything you have an intolerance for. And to sleep well with as natural a circadian cycle as possible and be physically active every day with the right kind of exercise. To
  6. I have the same issues.....and am trying to figure out what to do as well!
  7. I have really oily skin, and it's very annoying when I have to constantly use pressed powder to hide it...Does anyone have any advice on any supplements to take or diet changes to clear this?
  8. it usually takes up to a year for red marks to disappear.....i know how u feel...i wont go swimming cause of my marks....im hoping my next summer the marks are clear! i dont know what you can do relle within a week.....but ill tell u one thing the AHA product that they sell on this site works relle good and will help with your marks in the long run
  9. I just started using the AHA on my back everytime i get out of the shower....ill let you know how it works....my back is pretty clear now i just have alot of marks and scars
  10. hey i feel your pain on backacne...im starting accutane next week....i have soo much scarring already :(

  11. i have bacne as well and your bacne is not severe at all...you can treat this easily.....i would continue washing your back with the stuff in the shower....also if you ever work out make sure you take a shower right after.......also i reccomend taking omega 3 fish oil daily....and make sure not to eat any dairy products and drink lots of water.....also you should find a product to put on your back when you get out of the shower....i would use either the acne.org aha 10% lotion or murad exfoliati