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  1. I have huge inflammatory acne on my chin...starting a new school in twelve days. I was almost entirely clear on birth control but I had to leave home because of my fucked up sister. No BC for me. :/
  2. My girlfriend always tells me how beautiful I am even if my skin is bad. It's nice because I used to be with a girl who would hold it against me and make nasty comments. It's helped me feel better.
  3. pissed...I was almost completely clear and then my mum made me stop my antibiotic and BC and now I have three pustules on my chin. :/
  4. Does anyone randomly get nodules where they don't usually get acne?
  5. I'm planning to start abstaining from dairy entirely soon (not a far stretch since I'm already veg). Not even because it's, like, dairy, but because of the chemicals in dairy. So many hormones and antibiotics! Did you know that in almost every dairy product there is an amount of the main explosive ingredient in rocket fuel? That can't be good for your skin.
  6. I used lemon juice for a little bit. It was nice. I didn't use it long enough to get results but my tone was kind of evening out nicely if I recall
  7. I've found someone who thinks I'm beautiful for me even on the worst days.
  8. UGHHH I was going to make a thread about this! I like the Katy Perry one. It zooms in on a picture of her... then zooms in more... then zooms in eeeeven more... AND OH MY GOD, TWO SPOTS THAT ARE ALMOST COMPLETELY OBSCURED BY MAKEUP.
  9. Woop, new entry. :3 I've been playing with my regimen to find what I think is effective. So I've started taking the omega-3, and on someone's recommendation, I decided to use some lemon juice in conjunction with the baking soda (originally to maintain PH, although I realize now that there's natural AHA+ in lemon juice.) I've tried lemon juice, but not at the same time as baking soda beofre... My acne visibly looks reduced today, and my skin isn't as dry and irritated as it has been on the
  10. @Deevoo: I'll keep it in mind if I can't find anything else that will work, ever. @log entry: I just got out of the shower and I have several very small breakouts on my forehead, and Frank the nodule has developed ten very small white heads. :/ Haven't even done my baking soda for the night, fml.
  11. He made an account three years ago so he could troll today? Riiight.
  12. So, updates! I used the baking soda as a a scrub on my face and back and as spot treatment that I left on for a while (only on my face). A few of my zits hve shrunk a little, but, again, my largest results are on the red spots. I guess that kind of makes sense, because it IS about sloughing off a layer of skin cells, not actually getting into pores or anything. Two biggg lesions on my shoulder area have shrunk, too. It's done nothing for my one lone nodule. :rollseyes: I've decided to c
  13. True facts, man. D: Wild yam oil? That sounds weird, but kinda cool. Not the kind of thing you can pick up at the drug store, though. I don't have a Paypal, so I'm trying to stay away from obscure stuff. ;A; I'm hoping the things I *can* get work. Ya, I actually made it myself (got the ingredients at the health food store). You can find a progesterone cream with wild yam at any health food store, but I just wanted to try the wild yam by it's self, plus it was tons cheaper! Whe