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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my thread. Now I am at work. I will try to blog a long one later.
  2. oh thank you. i am on my day 8. Now's my 1st day without accutane. im still dry. lips are dry too.
  3. that means i need to only be on isotret for 7 days a month. for 6 months. that's 42 days total only.
  4. pulse dosaging - 1 week isotretinoin treatment per month. 6 months total. 40 mg on isotretinoin.
  5. Hello! I am 26, male, I stand 5'8 tall and I weigh 71kg. I've been suffering acne since i was 14. I've been under the ff treatments : Glycolic Acid Peeling every week x 6 weeks with Acne surgery plus the ff meds : Tretinoin Benzoyl Peroxide Wash and bleach cream plus Minocycline antibiotic. Acne was gone. But it came back. I tried the BP regimen here. It helped a little. I became red but clear. Right now I am in my mid 20s, I went to a doctor. He said I can take the Pulse Dosaging of acn