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  1. ok, i am 16 years old with a pretty clean face. it wasnt always like that though. i have had my days. i am using tazorac and gly derm geantle cleanser with a moisterizer (did i murder that word spelling wise lol). i was on doxcycline for like 6 months right then i caught a cold and my face broke out really bad. i could no longer take doxycycline with my new perscription. i got this other stuff that was for my cold which also helps with acne. eventually my perscription ran out and i had to
  2. i have noticed that more sleep almost quickens the process of my acne healing. my face isnt too dry and isnt too oily. i can definetely see a drastic difference, but its not over like one night its if i dont sleep for a while.
  3. i shave with a electric raser and have tried both and i honestly find that when i shave it makes my face a lot smoother and really clear, ever since i started shaving i dont get one pimple anywhere my hair grows or on my forehead. i dont know why but its true.
  4. you should use lotions and sunscreen and whatever and use a lot of sun block and just try to stay out of the direct sun when you can but ya i went to florida a while ago and it really was good for my skin i dont know much about acne but i know my derm told me to definetly use a lot of sun block
  5. i find that shaving with a electric shaver like once a week helps my acne. i have been using tazorac, gly derm gentle cleanser, and doxycycline for over six months now. i stopped using doxycycline because it doesnt work. my acne has drastically improved since day 1 but hasnt completely gone away, annoying. but i find that the more my facial hair comes in the less oily my face is and the less acne i have. i am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. i have moderate acne with ver